1. LITTLE READERS (Ages 3-6) – A Head Start to School SuccessResearch has proven that children who develop strong reading skills early in life are more successful students, better learners, and are less likely to fall behind in school. The results of more that 20 years of dedicated research into how young minds learn and grow allow us to develop learning activities at the exact time when children are most receptive to them. Little Readers helps young children develop a strong educational foundation.Little Readers will provide:
    • Strong reading & writing skills
    • Introduction to math & computers
    • Social development through group work
    • Confidence & a love of learning
  2. BEYOND TUTORING (Grades 1-8) – Better Grades, Motivation & ConfidenceBased on 23 years of research, observation & teaching, Beyond Tutoring programs help students build the skills that they need to succeed in school today and develop the confidence that they need to succeed for the rest of their lives. Oxford is the only company that has developed a program that incorporates cognitive learning into the curriculum, right when the children need it the most.Beyond Tutoring will help your child:
    • Increase their ability to learn
    • Retain information longer
    • Develop confidence
    • Improve grades & test performance
  3. ADVANTAGE (Grades 9-12) – Strategies for Success in High SchoolHigh School is a pivotal point for students. GradePower Learning’s Advantage High School Success Program™ helps high school students with their academic studies, their studying & time management skills, their self esteem, & their confidence. The results are better critical thinking skills, more efficient use of time, greater focus & success in school. These skills can be learned in high school & then carried on into college, and into their future careers.Advantage Students:
    • Learn organization & time management skills
    • Earn higher grades
    • Finish homework & assignments on time
    • Develop improved test skills
  4. GPA 5.0 (Success in College opens doors to success in life)The GPA 5.0 program prepares students to succeed on the SAT or ACT and to help them develop advanced learning & study skills so that they will excel in college and in life after college.GPA 5.0 students will master these essential skills:
    • Critical Reading
    • Effective Writing
    • Test taking Strategies
    • Mastery of Math
    • Time Management
    • Reasoning Skills
  5. As well as programs for:
    • ADD/ADHD
    • College Study/Readiness
    • Summer Camps
    • Athlete Programs
    • Language
    • Day Academy
    • Home Schooled
    • and more