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Tutoring in Evans



Hello and welcome to GradePower Learning! We are an innovative business dedicated to giving students the gifts of learning and knowledge. Our endless mission to condition the minds of youthful learners is essential to their overall success rates. We have provided a clean and safe environment to teach and promote our “A” Plus goals. You are more than welcome to stop by and visit us. In the event that you may want to inquire about enrolling your child in our program, we are conveniently located in the Evans Town Centre Shopping Center, in the Publix lot.

We now offer the following services to enhance the nature and power of learning:

Supplemental Education, which includes afterschool tutoring for all school-age children. Services are also available for college students in an effort to help them maintain their GPA’s as it relates to their most current academic needs.

Reading, writing, and math sessions are also offered to increase the ideas and strategies of learning. Students are encouraged to succeed and are appraised in each and every area of achievement.

Study skills, ACT, SAT and English as a Second Language (ESL) are also offered to students in need of college prepping, job placement, career advancement or beyond.

Homework support for all grade levels is offered as well, including the following high school courses: algebra, calculus, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, physics, biology, and chemistry.

There is no limit to what we will do to assure quality services. We aim to please and strive to give our students the awesome advantage to ultimately achieve.

Our Resourceful Approach to Learning

GradePower has a most diverse and unique approach. Our cognitive programs are individualized per student. This allows them to excel and reach their own potential. Our students are empowered by the concepts of meta-cognitition (awareness of learning.) Students typically begin to focus and become consistent in learning. They ultimately develop the skills needed to maintain and comprehend! Through our individualized programs, we encourage them to meet their goals to progress full speed ahead!


The Wonderful Incentives of Our Program!

We teach children as young as three to read and write, even though they sometimes develop their own manner of learning skills. We have a phonics-based reading program that develops a sense of phonemic awareness in children, and promotes their natural abilities.

Our Day School is a wonderful environment for students as well. The program for each child is very unique. They have the advantage of mastering their skills before moving on to the next level. The confidence displayed by our Day School students is astounding. Students who once considered learning to be boring or extremely challenging, begin to branch out into the front-line to become awesome achievers.

Our ESL program is amazing. We instruct our ESL students in grammar, pronunciation, spelling, reading comprehension, listening comprehension, vocabulary, and writing. According to recent studies, ESL students need much more time than what is allotted by the schools for them to receive proper instruction to become proficient with English. Therefore we strive to provide the best specialist in this field of study.

We formally invite you to experience the difference. If your child needs support, or you’d like to make sure you’re giving them every advantage possible, come see us at 4272 Washington Road #2A.



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