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Tutoring in Evans


GradePower Learning is conveniently located in the Town Centre Shopping Center (Publix). We offer educational services to children from 3 years old through college. We teach reading, writing, math, study skills, ACT and SAT Prep, and English as a Second Language (ESL). We also provide homework support for all grade levels including high school courses, such as algebra, calculus, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, physics, biology, and chemistry.


GradePower has a different approach from other tutoring centers. Our cognitive programs are individualized which allows each child to reach his/her potential. We teach our students cognitive (learning) skills as well as meta-cognitive (awareness of how they learn) skills, so our students not only learn new concepts, but they also learn how to take control of their learning. Through our individualized programs, we help children who are struggling in school catch up, and then get ahead.


We teach children as young as three to read and write, as well as develop their math skills. We have a phonics-based reading program that develops children’s sense of phonemic awareness and nurtures their love of reading and learning.

Our Day School is a wonderful environment for students. Since each child is unique, each child’s program is unique. This allows each child to master skills before they move on to the next. The confidence displayed by our Day School students, and their willingness to learn, is astounding. Students who once struggled in school quickly make gains, and soon are achieving above grade level.

Our ESL program is phenomenal. We instruct our ESL students in grammar, pronunciation, spelling, reading comprehension, listening comprehension, vocabulary, and writing. According to recent studies, ESL students need much more time than what is allotted by the schools for them to receive proper instruction to become proficient with English.


If your child needs support, or you’d like to make sure you’re giving them every advantage possible, come see us at 4272 Washington Road #2A.

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