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Quality Tutoring in Meridian

As a suburb of Boise and the second-largest city in the state, Meridian, Idaho has proven to be extremely popular with young professionals and new families. This has kept the city growing both economically and culturally, making room for new businesses of all kinds. With schools becoming increasingly competitive, many Meridian parents are turning to GradePower Learning® to help their children get a leg up.

At our facility, tutors create customized study courses of study around each student’s needs, providing an environment where questions are always welcome, and mistakes are encouraged as part of learning. Learn more about our Meridian tutoring programs below.

Serving Meridian & Beyond

The tutors at GradePower Learning® in Meridian are also happy to welcome students from nearby towns such as: Sonna, Eagle, Star, Cloverdale, and Perkins.

Math Tutoring in Meridian

Math’s abstract concepts and difficult equations can be intimidating to students of all ages, but with games, tips, and activities to help each student get a better handle of mathematics, our tutors make learning math fun and simple.

Science Tutoring in Meridian

Students who have trouble with science can build skills essential to success at GradePower Learning®, where our tutors have designed fun, engaging lessons to help students better understand the world around them.

English Tutors in Meridian

Whether it’s reading, writing, or speaking, having a firm grasp on English is essential to good communication skills. Our tutors help students of all ages and backgrounds improve their understanding of language and get better grades in English.

SAT & ACT Tutoring in Meridian

We give students the tools and practice they need to perform to their best potential on their college-readiness exams. With custom workbooks and mock exams, students build the confidence and skills needed to succeed.

To learn more about our programs or to find a Meridian tutor, contact GradePower Learning® today!

What Parents & Students Are Saying

"GradePower is amazing! My daughter has shown mind blowing improvement with focus, math, reading and spelling. I seriously cannot thank you enough Michael Howard and Ruth Hall for your dedication to children and their success scholastically. What I appreciate the most about GradePower,compared to other tutoring programs, is how they do not put every child in the same box for learning and realize the individual needs of their students."

Susie M.

GradePower has helped my 6th grader immensely! I am very impressed with the entire staff. My only regret is that I didn't find them sooner.

Terri D.

My daughter has been going to GradePower for a couple of months and she loves it. The staff is caring and competent and the "boost" it has given her confidence is priceless. I look forward to seeing continued improvement in her academic achievement. Thank you GradePower!

Tamra S.

GradePower has been a great learning tool for Gavin. He is much more aware of when he is off task and has started correcting that behavior on his own. We are so grateful that his teachers have put forth so much effort to help this guy shine!

Rachel K.

Tonight I get home from work and my son wants to show me his new (GradePower) shirt, and tell me all about his class today :) I smile ear to ear knowing he has a love for learning. GradePower was a good move and Ayden is one amazing rad little dude. #knowledgeispower You guys were amazing this summer. I can truly say my kids felt right at home with Mike, you, and of course, all of your staff !

Megan G.

Andrew had a great summer school experience! He got to learn in a loving and caring environment with a great teacher. Thank you Miss Ruth for getting him excited about school again.

Kelly B.

Our daughter has been attending GradePower Learning for almost a year now! We checked out GradePower Learning for our daughter to gain a better understanding and more confidence in math. From the moment that we walked in the door it has been an amazing experience. Our daughter was in 4th grade and struggling with math. Her dad and I were no help because we did not even understand what was going on. We would create more frustration because we would teach her the way we learned. We decided the best thing for her and us was to check out GradePower Learning. When she started in April 2016 her grade was a 2.5 by the time she finished 4th grade in June she was at a 3 hovering over a 3.5. She gained so much confidence that she would tackle the extra credit math questions which her teacher said she had never done before. She continued with her tutor through summer and walked into 5th grade with the confidence she could tackle anything and that is exactly what she has done. Her grade has continued to stay at or above a 3. Her class was given a test on multiplying decimals and due to her being the only one in her class that passed the test with 100% she was able to teach the class what she knew. Robert (our daughter’s tutor) has been a godsend. The relationship that he and our daughter have built is amazing. He has given her so much confidence. Our daughter looks forward to her session every week. If you are thinking about GradePower Learning, all I can tell you is … stop thinking and get in there. Ruth and Mike are awesome and their staff is top notch! We THANK GradePower Learning every day for what they have given to our daughter!

Natashia R.

My 7-year old girl and 9-year old boy absolutely love coming here. They even asked if they could come to GradePower Learning instead of school. Ruth and Mike are two wonderful human beings. You can tell they both have a passion for children and learning. GradePower Learning is definitely beyond a tutoring program, it's learning lessons that your child will have for life and be able to implement into any scinero. We couldn't be more impressed with the progress our children have made just in their confidence level. I love that GradePower Learning connects with your child's teacher with a one on one meeting to make sure they gear their teaching program based on your child's needs. The expense is totally worth investing in your child's education now. Thank you for caring so much about our kiddos and helping them learn in a fun/ positive environment!

Shyla C.

Careers with Tutor Meridian

  • Looking for Idaho's BEST teachers!

    Position Details

    Looking for Idaho’s BEST teachers!

    GradePower learning is a global leader in Supplemental Education. We are new to Idaho, and at GradePower Learning we take pride in being a little different. In so many ways, this is like no place you’ve ever worked. Seriously, we love what we do, and we love having fun while doing it! We strive to hire excellent people, and we expect excellence. Great people make a great team and will keep our company strong. We are passionate about our mission; to help children achieve their highest potential!

    Our approach is fundamentally different and goes way beyond tutoring. Our teaching methods emphasize cognitive learning as a major component of the learning process. We combine cognitive learning and interactive coaching to develop active thinkers, healthy self-esteem, and a lasting love of learning. Our unique programs teach children to learn how to learn, breaking the cycle of hiring tutors year after year.

    We know why you became a teacher, and we offer an opportunity to reach every single child that walks through our door. At GradePower, you will enjoy just teaching. No lesson plans, no preparation. You will be trained on our proprietary curriculum and given the tools to be a successful coach in a small group setting. You will provide personalized instruction in Reading, Writing, Math, Study Skills, and SAT/ACT prep to students of all levels using cognitive-based methods.

    We are looking for flexible part-time tutors/teachers with a passion for coaching kids between ages 3 and 18. We are looking for candidates with great skills in relating to kids of all ages and personalities. A positive attitude is a necessity, as is the desire to praise and celebrate both the achievements and difficulties along the learning path of each child.

    If you know you can make a difference, we want you on our team!


    We need team members with these qualities: 

    Ability to maintain a positive, enthusiastic, can-do attitude!

    Warm, energetic, organized and self motivated.

    Patient and understanding; recognizing that all students are unique.

    Ability to build intrinsic motivation in our students and make it matter!


    (All candidates must be available for a minimum of 2 afternoon/evening hours between 4-8pm at least two days/week for elementary, middle school, and high school coaching positions. Pre-school teacher candidates must be available morning hours 9am - 12pm; 2 to 5 days per week depending upon enrollment.)

    GradePower Learning programs impart new approaches to learning, designed to last a lifetime. You will enjoy a great work environment, a competitive hourly rate ($14 - $15 for Preschool and K-12 teachers. $23-$25/hour for SAT/ACT coaches), and the opportunity to make a difference! 


    Please send a resume and cover letter to mhoward@gradepowerlearning.com 


Our Team Members

Michael Howard

Michael Howard

Center Director

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Ruth Hall

Ruth Hall

Education Director

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Robert Caldwell

Robert Caldwell


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Alyssa Pearson

Alyssa Pearson


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Greg Nelson

Greg Nelson


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Teresa Eardley


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Debra Purdy

ACT & SAT Coach

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Location Specific Programs



Preparing for University



Preparing for University


Esl program

Grades 1-12

20-Hour Study Skills

20-Hours Study Skills Program

Make Studying Stress-Free

What's New at Meridian

Sharing GradePower Learning Meridian with others! 

Share with others about our Free Workshops (every 3rd Thursday)- Topics: How to Motivate your Child to do Better in School, or Effective Studying Techniques, or simple strategies to make Homework more effective.

Upcoming Events

The Treasure Valley Maxwell Speakers Club - Mondays, from 12 PM to 1 PM, at the GradePower Learning Center, 3327 North Eagle Road Suite 100, Meridian, ID, 83646. 


Developing your ability to communicate will do more for your career, your business and for you than any other skill you can develop. Our whole lives are a continual mixture of interacting with other people. It is no exaggeration to say that getting better at those interactions will significantly improve your life.


Whether you are a Professional Speaker or a complete beginner looking to do your first reluctant presentation, modeling John’s approach to speaking and communicating will make a dramatic difference to your effectiveness.


Don’t miss out – sign up for the Treasure Valley Maxwell Speakers Club in Meridian Idaho today. 

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GradePower Learning Meridian




Summer Savings Countdown!!


Don't miss out on your chance to save this summer! Our 30-hour package brings your hourly rate down to the lowest possible rate that we offer all year long. If that's not enough, purchase your package before Aug 31 and you will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a family fun $200 Gift Card.


The gift card options are:

    •    Big Al's

    •    Dave and Busters

    •    Wahooz Family Fun Zone

    •    Pinz Bowling

    •    Roaring Springs Water Park 





Talk to Ruth or Mike to take advantage of these hot, hot, hot SAVINGS.

* Offer ends August 31, 2017



GradePower Learning Meridian Reading Race

GradePower Reading Race

The race is on! June 27 marks the beginning of our Summer Reading Race. It’s easy to participate, and the student with the most hours read by the end of the summer will receive a $25 gift certificate to Toy Town!

Here’s how it works....

  • Each week students will bring home a reading log. Students log their daily reading time and parents initial. When students bring the log to class, they will receive a sticker for each day read. Hours will be charted on the “brag board” in 1 hour increments. For each hour that is accumulated, students receive a sticker on the class chart.

  • Reading Logs must be turned in to Miss Ruth and can be turned in daily or weekly. It will be the student’s responsibility to pick up a new log on their way out each week. These will be in the lobby and also on the bookshelf right inside the door.

  • Qualifying reading time is anytime

    • 1) your child reads to you,

    • 2) your child reads to him or her self by him or her self

    •  3) you read to your child.

Any reading material counts: books, magazines, whatever interests your child! Please take advantage of our GradePower Learning lending library. We have many great books to choose from!

  • Bonus points: To encourage writing as well as reading, Beyond Tutoring students can earn an extra logged hour each time they bring in a written summary of something they have read. This can be written on the back of the log, on a separate sheet of paper, or in the form of a journal entry.

  • The contest will run from June 27 through August 18. The winner will be announced the following week. Then, it’s off to Toy Town!

    Grab a book and game on!