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Oxford Learning is now GradePower Learning!

GradePower Austin TX
GradePower Learning Center in Southwest Austin serves nearby communities like Legend Oaks, Circle C, and Travis Country; Dripping Springs to the west; Meridian, Buda and Shady Hollow to the south; and Westlake and Lake Travis to the north. GradePower is a cognitive development and academic enrichment center. Many of our students enroll to catch up in school, and we also enroll many students who want to excel beyond school standards. GradePower differs significantly from most tutoring centers, because our top priorities for all of our students involve training them to think and process information with greater awareness and efficiency. We strive to develop active thinkers and independent learners with abilities to last a lifetime, rather than merely drill specific academic skills for short-term gains. Grades and test scores are certainly important measurements of student success, as are daily enthusiasm, confidence, and independent thinking. GradePower Learning Center produces happy, productive learners.

GradePower Austin TX

GradePower serves children from pre-K through twelfth grade. Our Little Readers AcademyTM prepares children for kindergarten by developing cognitive skills, reading readiness, math readiness, and fine motor skills. Beyond TutoringTM trains children from kindergarten through eighth grade on an individualized basis in the areas of cognition, reading, writing, mathematics, and study skills. AdvantageTM is the name of our high school program, designed to customize a learning plan that both maximizes high school success, and prepares teens for college. GPA 5.0TM is our SAT and ACT preparation course, a perfect way for high school students to round out their skills training. GradePower can craft individualized learning plans for students of all ages and needs.

GradePower bases every student’s individualized plan on the results of our Dynamic Diagnostic AssessmentTM. GradePower is one of the few learning centers that evaluates and trains cognitive abilities in conjunction with academic skills. We are not just concerned with what math or reading skills need improvement, but more importantly, we want to know why a child didn’t learn these skills in the first place, and correct the root of the problem. If a child struggles to organize the details of what he sees, or to synthesize all that is said in class, or even just to pay attention, GradePower will customize a plan to correct these causes of academic challenges.

Because we are unique in our emphasis on cognitive development to help children process information more successfully, rather than just tutoring, school teachers find GradePower’s collaboration very helpful. GradePower is delighted to share our diagnostic results and learning objectives with classroom teachers. We also appreciate input from our students’ school teachers. Parents and teachers alike value our team approach, because the end result is a more transformed student.

GradePower Austin TX
Gordon Falk – Owner

GradePower Austin TX
Kelli Beck – Center Director

In addition to GradePower’s involvement with school teachers, we also support community organizations that share our commitment to the edification of all children. We support the PTAs of area elementary schools like Kiker, Clayton, Baranoff, Baldwin, Mills, Cowan, Boone, and Patton with donations of scholarships, serve as reading volunteers in the Read Naturally program at Patton Elementary, sponsor Oak Hill Youth Sports Association baseball and softball teams, and sponsor the Granada Hills/Western Oaks Dolphins of the Capital City Summer league swim team. We also present parenting workshops at schools and PTA meetings on such topics as “Organizing Your Child” and “Ending Homework Hassles.” We at GradePower want to serve the community that has so graciously supported our efforts over the past seven years.

Call Gordon and Kelli today, and give your child the gift of learning!

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