Study Skills for students in first through eighth grade

Imagine your child bursting in from school with an “A” test mark on a subject with which they had earlier struggled!

This kind of turn-around is possible with enrichment from GradePower’s Beyond Tutoring® program. We partner with you and your child to accelerate his or her capacity for learning and we reveal how to be more accurate in testing situations.

Like it or not, testing is here to stay.

Test-Taking and Study Skills Curriculum
Strong test-taking and study skills are critical to success at school. Yet, the development of good study skills and habits are not formally taught in today’s active classroom. But with GradePower’s Beyond Tutoring® program, you can do something about that for your child. The earlier your child begins to master and apply good study skills, the greater the rewards and the more productive his or her academic future will be.

From Deficient to Proficient

GradePower Learning teaches your child a set of invaluable skills essential to success at school:

Test-taking and study skills – How to study and prepare for exams

Listening skills – Listening in class so you can recall later
Note taking – Making great study notes
Reasoning – New problem-solving and thinking skills
Organizing – Effective planning and work habits
Conscientiousness – Finishing homework every night; getting assignments done on time, every time

GradePower Learning’s Beyond Tutoring® program incorporates a curriculum that helps a student acquire and retain information more efficiently, improve research skills and prepare for tests in a more advantageous manner – all of which result in improved grades.