The Difference

GradePower Learning gives kids the innate sense that they can learn; we give them self-esteem to know they can. It’s not repetition until mastery.

1. Learning About Learning

Metacognitive Awareness

The ability to pay attention to what our minds are doing is known as metacognitive awareness. It’s a skill that helps students become aware of their learning processes and only GradePower’s programs develop it. It had been ignored entirely by education institutions until GradePower.

2. The Stuff of Regular Schooling

Many programs only teach curriculum content… and often do it before students have mastered basic skills. We teach the basic skills and then build from there. Students fully understand what they are learning and never have to memorize.

3. Basic Academic Skills

The Tools for Learning

Reading, writing, and mathematics are the core subjects that every student must master. Just about every supplemental institution works on these skills. However, equipped with the cognitive skills that we teach, our students quickly learn to master these key subjects.

4. Cognitive Skills

The Power to Absorb and to Process Information

When we learn, we use cognitive skills – it’s how we absorb and process information. Our curriculum and teaching methods change how students learn and think. Students develop confidence because they understand and control how they learn. GradePower’s proprietary material and methods are at the forefront of cognitive learning.