What We Do

At GradePower Learning Centers we offer Permanent Change–Not Just a Band-aid! We develop new cognitive skills in our students. We do not just tutor academic skills. Our programs make changes in the way students work, not only for the present year, but for the rest of their lives. Our programs are an investment in each student’s future and most importantly; they work!

Motivation. We help our students develop greater self-esteem. Self-esteem is one of the key components to building high motivation. We believe in intrinsic growth and motivation. We do not believe in bribing students to try harder, and we do not offer gifts for success. Our students learn HOW to learn, thereby developing greater levels of self-esteem and confidence. Success–not rewards–creates motivation! Our students understand how the work they are doing will benefit them at school. This creates motivated students who want to come to GradePower Learning. As well, motivated students have the confidence to take risks. Risk taking is a key component to learning success.

Active Minds. We help our students develop an active mind. This is the second key component to building high motivation. Our unique teaching model of reflecting, verbalizing, and connecting new materials to previously learned information builds each student’s active mind. Students with active minds are able to verbally identify the importance of academic tasks, and are able to transfer and generalize the information learned in one task to another. Students with active minds are more effective learners.

It’s Not Just About Memorization! We believe in cognitive growth. We understand that it is vital for students to actually understand what they are learning. Therefore, we do not feature ‘kill and drill’–mindless repetition to mastery. We help students understand how to complete tasks, what needs to be done, and why they need to do it–before we develop fluency and speed through drill.