15 Literacy Tips

1)    Introduce reading at a young age

2)    Play games using letters and sounds

3)    Make reading a part of your daily routine

4)    Read the same book together, or read separately, but at the same time

5)    Discuss what you are reading and ask questions

6)    Draw pictures about what you have read

7)    Choose words and phrases that you like and write them down in a word scrap book

8)    Become a member of your local library

9)    Select books that hold your interest based on subject. Ask for recommendations. Read multiple books in a series.

10) Learn about the author of a book. Find out their inspiration.

11) If you have to read material that doesn’t interest you, set a goal (6 pages or so) then take a short break to summarize.

12) Read before you go to bed—it helps calm you down and doesn’t over stimulate the senses the way that television can

13) Reading is the best way to build a strong vocabulary, and a strong vocabulary is a big predictor of school success

14) Practice what you preach. If you want your child to become a reader, you must first be a reader yourself

15) Read everyday—newspapers, magazines, books, comics, or even the cereal box!

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