ADD/ ADHD? These School Strategies Can Help

It’s important to remember that children who struggle with focus and attention do not necessarily have ADHD/ADD.

Many children struggle to focus on a single concept because of a medical issue that causes their brains to work excessively. However, a disproportionate number of children diagnosed with ADHD or ADD simply have not yet learned the skill of paying attention.

Children must learn the ability to pay attention, just like they must learn to read, spell, count, and write.

ADHD Help in the Classroom

Children can focus on the work at hand in the classroom by using a few straightforward strategies. You must tell your child’s teacher about these techniques to ensure that both the teacher and your child can help them stay focused.

Your child’s teacher will most likely welcome any advice that can encourage a distracted student to pay better attention in class. They may already be using these strategies!

  • Get Their Attention. Before addressing your child, say their name. When you say the child’s name, you give them a cue that you are about to provide information or directions.
  • Repeat Instructions. You’ve just given your child some instructions. Do they understand them? Have them repeat the instructions back to you or explain them back in their own words.
  • Eyes Front. Have your child look directly at the person who is speaking to them. When the eyes wander, the brain will follow.
  • Emphasize It. When giving essential instructions, be sure to repeat keywords. Stretch them out. Say them louder.
  • Remove Distractions. If something in the classroom is distracting, ask to have your child seated out of its direct sight line or move it to another area.

ADHD Homework Tips

Have a Study Session

While some kids need a break after school, others function best while still in “school mode.” Posting a weekly calendar with homework start and end times will aid your child’s time management if after-school activities make maintaining a regular schedule challenging.

Create a Study Area

Create a space where your child can work peacefully. Kids can focus better with background music but keep other distractions to a minimum. Make sure your child feels comfortable in the space you choose and make it fun for them to be there. 

Don’t Let Them Put it Off

Ensure that your child begins the homework and understands it. Stay close by so you can guide and encourage them. Children will often make excuses not to start their homework, so try to make homework feel rewarding for them. For example, you can make a game out of homework or reward them for completing it. 

Want more tips for homework time? Check out these brilliant suggestions from Additude, Inside the ADHD mind.

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