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Back To School Tips Every Student Needs

Back-to-school season is here! The past 18 months have been challenging for students and parents. Everyone will have to re-adjust to in-classroom learning and everything it entails. As grateful as young students may be to socialize with their peers and learn in class, children will also likely have some anxiety about the year ahead. After months of non-traditional schooling, it’s important to help young learners get back on track and be confident as they head back to daycare or primary school.

It can be hard to keep track of everything a student needs to do to prepare for a new school year. New school supplies and the best back-to-school accessories help students prepare for the return to in-person learning. But, the habits and routines that implement at home with your children go a long way in helping them with their academic future.

To help you out, GradePower Learning has compiled some of the top back-to-school tips every student can benefit from. Check out our updated Back to School 2021 Checklist to prepare for the school year ahead.

Back-To-School Checklist 2021

Restore Routines

Organization makes things easier and helps with time management. Implementing a daily and nightly routine is the most effective way to help a child manage their time. Before the pandemic, you likely had a back-to-school routine in place for your children. It’s time to restore it! From young toddlers to adolescents, routines provide an essential sense of stability and help alleviate stress for the upcoming year.

2. Prepare For Online Learning

In-person learning his back! However, with the uncertainty of the past year and a half, there is always a possibility that stay-at-home orders could be reinstated. Online learning is here to stay! It’s important for young learners to develop better habits when learning online. Prepare for online learning to ensure the learning journey for your child is always fun, exciting and stress-free.

3. Implement Daily Reading Time

Daily reading time is essential to help kids improve their literacy skills, reading comprehension vocabulary and overall academic and communication skills. In fact, Daily reading is mentally stimulating for children and ensures their focus and concentration on their studies.

4. Set Screen Time Limits

Rules become more relaxed in the summer as kids are in vacation mode. Especially with screen time. However, it’s important to get back on track and regulate screen time during the school year. Limiting screen time helps with self-regulation and allows children to develop vital skill-building skills and rely less on screens. Transition hours spend online to offline activity time.

5.  Improve Sleeping Habits

Not only is the quantity of sleep a child receives important, so is the quality. Healthy sleep patterns improve a child’s attention and focus, learning retention, memory and overall mental, emotional and physical health. Implement set bedtimes and prepare a bedtime routine to make the transition from play to sleep easier for everyone.

Get Prepared Before Kids Are in Class

6. Create A Study Studio

A study studio allows children a designated area for them to learn and focus. Learning can always happen in this area! It should be a space in your home that is distraction-free, away from screens and where learning supplies are readily available. Above all, this will help children get into the study mindset much more quickly to make learning time more effective.

7. Get Organized

Organizational skills are trainable and learnable when taught correctly. Teach your child how to use a calendar, make a visual checklist and manage their time wisely.

8. Keep An Eye On Their Mental Health

Parents should always keep an eye on a child’s physical and mental wellbeing. A child’s mental health and happiness help maintain an overall healthy sense of wellbeing. Taking care of their mental health is as crucial as helping them with their physical health. With this in mind, neglected mental health issues can cause a lack of focus, motivation, and determination in children. Therefore have a discussion with your child about how they’re feeling about going back to school.

9. Set School Goals

Helping children set goals is a vital part of helping them understand their worth. It also helps improve their confidence. Goal-setting allows young children to spot the areas that need improvement. This then allows them to work towards achieving their goals. Therefore, it’s the responsibility of parents and teachers to teach these important developmental skills. Then, children will be given a sense of purpose.

10. Practice Gratitude

Gratitude helps harness positive thinking skills. When children practice gratitude, it helps them learn to set suitable goals for themselves. Practicing gratitude is a conscious choice that helps lead to compassion and confidence. It also allows children to be grateful for the blessings in their lives.

Download your Back-to-School Checklist Here.

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