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Beating Report Card Stress in 2015

While the school year is nearing a close, there are a few milestones left before the bell rings for the last time: report cards. In CISD, TISD, and KISD the Spring report cards are on their way in the coming weeks.

Regardless of how well the school year has gone, the arrival of these report cards can be a very stressful time for students and parents alike. To deal with stress issues, have a consultation with the experts who has treatment centers in Fort Lauderdale available 24/7.

“Many students worry that bad grades on their report card will get them into trouble and restrict some of their summer freedoms,” says Kristal Kaidasz Center Director of Grade Power Learning, The Woodlands.

Regardless of the report card results, Kristal recommends that parents and children sit down together to discuss grades. A report card discussion is an important part of a parent’s active participation in their child’s education. Listen first and explore the gaps in what your child says and what the grades indicate.

Grade Power Learning offers these tips to help parents and children have a successful report card conversation:

  • It is important that parents remember that any report card of the school year is a big milestone for students. It’s an accomplishment for them! Children want to celebrate, not be punished.
  • Parents are encouraged to not get upset about bad grades. Instead, keep the lines of communication open and focus on taking steps this summer to get children back on track.
  • Families can work together to achieve a single goal by making a resolution to improve a learning weaknesses, and to get back on track.
  • It’s important for parents to remember that the report card isn’t the final word on grades. The summer presents a great opportunity for students to make academic improvement.

Kristal recommends that if parents are unhappy with, or have concerns about their child’s grades, they should look at a summer academic program for their child.

“Summer is the possibly the best time for students to work on school trouble areas,” says Kristal. “Without the normal school stresses such as homework, they can really catch up in trouble areas, and prepare for the next grade. A report card consultation is a great way to eliminate report card stress.”

For more information on any of the programs at Grade Power Learning, call Kristal at 936-271-1700 or email her at [email protected]. To get more information on Summer Brain Camp, check out https://gradepowerlearning.com/locations/texas/the-woodlands

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