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Birmingham City Schools welcomes new families

The 2016-2017 academic year will soon be drawing to a close for students in Birmingham, and families who are new to the area and have a child who will be starting at a new school in the district are asked to prepare to register them for the next year.

Parents or caregivers can choose to register their middle or high school aged child either in person or online. They will need to provide all of the information required, and in addition to this, they will be asked to supply an assortment of documents. They will need to have a copy of their home’s deed or lease, as well as two current utility bills that show their name and address, their photo ID, and also their son or daughter’s original birth certificate – not a copy. Depending on their circumstances, they may also be required to provide additional documentation. A company that provides tutoring services in Birmingham can help any child who needs some assistance to prepare for the upcoming school year.

Online registration has been set up so that it can be done on any computer or handheld device. All someone needs to do is follow the instructions provided. Those who prefer to do so in person, or who need to show their documentation, can do so at their son or daughter’s future school, and according to the district, the process should not take longer than half an hour.

The start date for families to sign up their son or daughter is June 1, and additional information about the process can be found on the Birmingham City Schools website.

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