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Make Math Fun Again

Apr 21, 2023

Math is often cited as the most challenging subject, but it is possible to make math fun for students! Mathematics is an essential subject that forms the foundation of many aspects of life. From basic calculations to complex problem-solving, math is a crucial tool that helps students in their daily lives. However, for many students, math […]

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Does your child get good math grades? If your child struggles in math, they are not alone. Math is arguably the most challenging school subject for students—it can even trigger anxiety! This is because math skills are sequential–they build on one another. Your child needs to understand addition and subtraction before they can move on […]

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Many students say math class is the hardest class. Math can be overwhelming and can seem like a foreign language. With proper practice, mathematics is the kind of language that all students can become fluent in. Unlike languages, understanding math doesn’t come naturally to all students. It’s a subject that students either quickly grasp or […]

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A common aspect of math that hinders many students’ confidence is math word problems. Figuring out these problems can be challenging for many students because they aren’t regular math problems; they involve reading and slowing down to interpret the question. Students have to have strong reading comprehension skills to figure out what the question is […]

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Summer is finally here! After a rather non-traditional year of online learning, students are dreaming of full days away from learning spent doing nothing. As exciting as that may sound, it leaves very little room for learning! According to Harvard, students lose 2.6 months of math learning over the duration of summer. It’s easier to […]

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