Math. It’s a subject that many students either love or hate. Many students struggle with math at some point. It’s not uncommon to hear students complain that they hate math because “it’s too hard.” But why do so many students seem to share this opinion? What makes math so difficult for students to learn? We’re […]

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Student writing a math problem on the chalkborad

Students struggle with math for a number of different reasons. It’s normal to see students struggle with certain math concepts at some point, requiring a bit of a boost to sharpen their math skills. But for some students, the problem goes beyond struggling with just a couple math concepts—it becomes an ongoing problem that stops […]

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Learning to calculate, high five success, black mother and child

Many students struggle with learning math. This is due to several factors, including shortened attention spans, increased reliance on calculators, and a lack of practice when it comes to building math skills. Understanding math is an essential part of building critical thinking skills. Falling behind in this subject can (and will) affect other areas of […]

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