Young boy at homework desk looking out the window.

Many young people have a difficult time sitting down and focusing in class and at home when studying. Younger students, in particular, have a lot of energy—so it can be difficult for them to sit still and place all their concentration on course material. They also don’t have the years of experience and self-control to […]

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Reading strategies for struggling readers header

Every classroom has them—the high achievers who seem to naturally excel in school. What is their secret that allows them to understand class material so easily and get the high grades so effortlessly? The truth is, there is no secret formula—these students have effective study habits and proper motivation. Effective study habits and motivation can […]

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Child presenting to classmates.

For many students, standing up in front of their peers and presenting can be a nerve-wracking experience. They are often worried about being judged, appearing nervous, or forgetting the material they have prepared. As these anxiety-inducing oral presentations are often mandatory in school, it’s important that you work with your child to help improve his […]

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