Child presenting to classmates.

For many students, standing up in front of their peers and presenting can be a nerve-wracking experience. They are often worried about being judged, appearing nervous, or forgetting the material they have prepared. As these anxiety-inducing oral presentations are often mandatory in school, it’s important that you work with your child to help improve his […]

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How to avoid cramming for your next test

It’s no secret that cramming isn’t an effective way to study. While it can be tempting for students to put off studying until they absolutely have to, cramming for tests actually leads to more stress, lowered comprehension, and poor performance. Why Cramming Doesn’t Work When students cram for a test at the last minute, they […]

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What type of learner is your child

Every student learns differently. While some student’s strengths are reading or writing, other students learn more effectively through hands-on activities. Understanding how your child learns best is a large part of helping your child perform to his or her fullest potential. And that starts with finding out what type of learner your child is. Determining […]

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Procrastination is something that every student experiences at some point in his or her academic career. Procrastination can have many negative impacts on students, including poor performance, lowered grades, and increased stress. These consequences can snowball quickly, leading to a cycle of poor grades and low self-confidence that can be hard for students to break […]

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