Keep reading and math skills strong with these fun summer learning games! Ensuring your child is keeping his or her brain active during the summer months is important. This is because students can lose a month’s worth of learning skills over the summer. Just because school is out for summer doesn’t mean that learning should […]

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What’s the connection between board games and learning? More than just a fun way to pass the time, playing board games is an important part of children’s learning and development. Playing strategic board games can improve critical thinking skills, cognitive development, and concentration. They are also a great way of taking a break from worry, […]

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Keep your child engaged in reading all summer long.

Reading is an essential skill that helps sharpen the brain and improve learning. The problem: reading often takes a backseat during the summer months when the weather is nice and school is no longer on the brain. Why Is It Important To Read Over The Summer? Although kids need time during the summer to relax […]

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