Father helping young student with homework.

Spelling skills are very important, especially for children in younger grades. Good spelling skills improve reading ability, vocabulary, and language fluency and set your child up for future educational success. Make Spelling Practice More Engaging Has your child’s spelling practice become dry? As important as it may be, it can be hard to motivate your […]

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Call it what you want—handwriting, cursive writing or script— a recent survey of 612 elementary schools in the United States found that 41 percent of teachers are no longer teaching cursive writing as part of the curriculum. The art may be headed for extinction, but, do we care? In today’s techno-literature culture, where kids can […]

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Writing skills are key to communication and to your child’s success in school. However, today’s tech-savvy kids don’t have many opportunities to develop strong writing skills. How can parents help? Developing strong writing skills takes practice and time. It can be challenging. But, there are a few tricks that can help parents to improve their children’s […]

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