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Chesterfield school bus cameras delayed again

On September 16, the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors once again looked at a proposal to implement technology used to automatically issue those illegally passing stopped school buses with a citation, and once again they tabled the matter.

This makes the third time the matter has been up for discussion but set aside because the Board felt more information was needed. According to supervisors, the latest reason to set aside the proposal is that the Board wants to gauge the effects of a recent campaign into increasing school bus safety.

Daniel A. Gecker, a supervisor representing the Midlothian District, has assured the public that although it may look as though the board takes the matter lightly, that is not the case. He contends that the supervisors are simply reluctant to increase fines for citizens unless a clear link can be made between the technology’s implementation and an increase in school bus safety.

The details that go into running a school district can come as a surprise to some parents, and the realization shows them that they really need to be proactive when it comes to supplying math or reading help for their Midlothian student.

The district conducted a test and found that over a 25-day period and analyzing 50 buses, there was an average of 14 instances of cars passing stopped school buses illegal per day. Following a media campaign to educate the public, the supervisors want to conduct another test and determine how successful the campaign has been. The supervisors say they will revisit the matter in November.

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