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Conroe Independent School District holds its mid-year graduation

Nearly 50 students from the Conroe Independent School District (CISD), including some from The Woodlands, recently took to the stage to receive their high school diplomas during the CISD’s mid-year graduation ceremony.

Each of the CISD’s six high schools were represented, including The Woodlands High School and The Woodlands College Park High School. Spokespeople from these educational institutions welcomed the graduates and their guests and also offered them words of congratulations and encouragement, wishing them well in their future endeavors.

One of those who accepted his high school diploma was Michael Earle Sharpe, who like many other young men of his generation, left high school more than 50 years ago to serve his country during the Vietnam War. After that, he went on to a career in the navy, but after many years, he made the decision to return to complete his studies.

Upon receiving his diploma, the audience rose to their feet to give him a standing ovation to both thank him for his service and congratulate him for finally being able to take the time to complete his schooling. A service that supplies high school tutoring in The Woodlands can be called upon to help any student, no matter their age, who needs some extra assistance.

Before the ceremony began, the attendees were able to enjoy a musical performance provided courtesy of The Woodlands College Park High School orchestra. The mid-year graduation event was held to recognize those who earned their diplomas at the midpoint of the year.

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