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Educators’ conference to be held in Tulsa

Teachers across the state of Oklahoma, including those from Tulsa, have been offered an opportunity to attend an event that will aid them in their professional development.

The ECET2OK conference, which has spots for up to 350 educators, will be run by teachers, for teachers. There will be a variety of presentations, workshops and other meetings that will help them to sharpen their teaching skills and grow their network of other educational professionals. They will have an opportunity to share best practices and also engage in professional growth.

A part of the event will be to use social media to engage educational professionals, which will also give those who were not able to attend in person a chance to benefit from the symposium. One of the planned activities will be colleague circles, where the participants will be able to discuss an assortment of topics and hone their presentation and facilitation skills.

The conference, which will take place over two days, will also seek to elevate teachers and, according to the organizers, give them confidence in their abilities to shape the lives of the children with whom they work on a daily basis. Those who would like to participate will need to complete an online application form and, as the number of spaces was limited in an effort to maximize its impact on the individual attendees, they are advised that not all applications have been accepted. The end goal is for them to walk away well equipped to provide a high-quality education to their pupils, and tutoring services in Tulsa can also be called upon to aid any children who need additional support beyond what they can access in the classroom.

Anyone who would like to find out more about this May 17 event and how it can benefit Tulsa’s teachers is asked to visit its website.

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