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Garland school cafeterias celebrate students’ special days

Food service staff from across the Garland Independent School District (GISD) are taking student happiness to heart with an initiative that is new for this year.

The GISD’s Student Nutrition Services has undertaken a project that will help to ensure that all of its elementary school scholars will feel valued. Each month, children will be treated to a surprise birthday celebration with sweets and fun for all.

According to Jennifer Craig, who is the district’s Assistant Director of Nutrition and Menu Operations, the initiative brings feeling of excitement to the cafeteria setting. Breakfast cereal company Kellogg’s has sponsored the program across the country, and each school that participates is given a kit that is filled with customizable banners, visors, aprons and other promotional products.

One day each month, the children who have a birthday have their names written on a display poster to mark the occasion. The staff put on their festive attire and offer each pupil a wholegrain Kellogg’s treat when they reach the cafeteria check out register. The hope is that this lead to a sense of excitement in the young people, which can lead to them being able to get better grades in Garland.

The district’s website noted that the children who were asked about the event explained that they enjoyed it, and it made them feel special and happy. For her part, the manager of Northlake’s cafeteria, Brandi Spurrier, remarked that she loves the campaign and that it creates a spirit of fun and camaraderie among the children and the wider school.

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