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GISD to host its third STEMposium

The Garland Independent School District (GISD) recognizes the importance of encouraging children and youth to explore the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) subjects, and it has organized an event to make them fun for families.

The GISD will be hosting its third annual STEMposium, which will feature creations that were crafted by local scholars. The public is welcome to discover the world of STEM subjects and learn as they have fun.

Those who attend the function will be able to participate in an assortment of activities, including a T-shirt challenge, bubble soccer, and testing out a game pad truck. Food trucks will also be on hand, and people are encouraged to spend the day supporting the district’s pupils in their efforts to become more STEM savvy.

The STEMposium has been organized as part of the GISD efforts to help its students develop a strong foundation in math, engineering, science, and technology. Its schools hold an assortment of activities throughout the year that seek to make exploring these subjects exciting and enjoyable. A math tutor in Garland can be called upon to help any child who requires additional support, beyond what they receive in school, when studying this topic.

The GISD STEMposium has been planned for this Saturday, April 22 in the Curtis Culwell Center. Further information for families, as well as a request for volunteers and times and dates when those who will be participating can drop off their projects, has been made available on the district’s website.

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