Our college prep programs will help your teen prepare for success.

GradePower Learning®'s college prep program helps high schoolers boost their organizational, time management, essay-writing, and test-taking skills in order to prepare for the increased academic demands of entrance exams and college.

Preparation is the key to success

Taking an entry exam is only the first step to getting to the right college: teens need dependable skills that will help them be successful on essays, assignments, and exams. GradePower Learning® college prep programs help teens develop the right skills for success.

College prep programs to help students achieve success, with:

  • Fine-tuned time management skills to beat procrastination.
  • Goal setting and planning abilities needed to manage an increased workload.
  • Strengthened note-taking skills to help teens take better notes in class.
  • The confidence to navigate a new collegiate environment.

ACT & SAT Programs

GradePower Learning offers a streamlined, effective approach to higher ACT & SAT scores. Your student will also learn valuable studying, critical thinking, and learning skills that will help them achieve success in college.

Learn more about our ACT Tutoring & SAT Tutoring services and benefit from superior preparation, confidence, and results.

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Our cognitive approach to learning helps students succeed in college with improved academic and learning skills so that students can study smarter, not harder.

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