With the right skills, every child can succeed in school

Elementary school is when students develop the thinking and learning skills they will use throughout their education. GradePower Learning®’s elementary school tutors help students build reliable thinking and learning skills that lead to better grades.

Improved learning for any grade

Our learning centers for elementary students offer small class sizes that balance instruction with independence, to help students build better skills and develop confidence. We teach children how to learn, concentrate, listen, remember — and to believe in themselves.

The Beyond Tutoring program will provide your child with:

  • A personalized learning program based on your child’s unique learning needs.
  • Targeted subject-area improvement to help your child with trouble subjects.
  • A learning environment with class sizes that allow children to learn, do work, and ask questions.
  • Support for any learning difficulties along the way, so that your child will never feel overwhelmed or discouraged.
  • Improved confidence and motivation to learn.
  • A customized learning program to help your child meet his or her school goals.

Pinpoint Diagnostic Assessment

No matter what obstacles your child faces in school, our unique diagnostic assessment and original supplemental curriculum can overcome any impediment. Your child will become a self—assured learner, eager for more challenging work. Best of all, your child will enjoy school once again.

Discover SSAT Success

GradePower Learning’s Middle-Level SSAT program is designed for students in 5th to 7th Grade preparing to enroll in independent or private school for 6th-8th Grade. With support from our experienced instructors, students develop the skills needed to write the SSAT with confidence.

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