Our high school tutoring programs help teens reach their academic goals.

High school can be challenging — the workload is intense and the pressure to succeed is high. We help teens manage their school demands with improved study skills, boosted time management, and transferable skills they can rely on, both inside and outside the classroom.

Learning for a lifetime

Our high school tutoring programs for all school subjects help teens get organized and work toward their academic goals — whether it's completing homework or acing a final exam. With a customized program designed to meet their exact needs, students leave the stress of high school behind.

At GradePower Learning®, your teen will develop:

  • Study skills for multiple subjects, with a focus on note-taking and class participation.
  • Motivation and confidence to approach each new subject, assignment, and exam systematically.
  • Advanced writing skills to write well-researched and engaging essays.
  • A strong and focused understanding of homework, for better grades and increased confidence.
  • Active learning skills to develop critical thinking and improved comprehension.

SSAT Support

Heading to private school? Let GradePower Learning be your SSAT guide! Designed for students taking the Upper-Level SSAT test, our SSAT prep program helps teens in 8th Grade and up develop study and learning skills that are necessary for success.

A cognitive learning approach for tutoring high school students:

  • Small class sizes balancing instruction and independence.
  • Motivation and confidence to approach each new subject, assignment, and exam systematically
  • Individualized programs to address specific learning needs.
  • A focus on independence and confidence.

  • Signing up for our Advantage High School Success program will give your teen the ability to succeed.

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