Preschool tutoring is the first step in learning for lifelong success.

Your preschooler's brain is growing every day, which makes it the perfect time to teach him or her that learning is fun.

We develop lifelong learners

Studies show that 25% of children arrive for their first day of school lacking the skills they need to begin a lifetime of learning. Our R.E.A.D Elite program helps children ages 3-6 develop a strong foundation in the basics. We introduce the building blocks that your child needs for future reading success, with a focus on phonetics.

Early learners flourish in school

A child’s ability to learn a new language or develop large motor skills, such as music or sports, rapidly declines after age 12. Children aged three to six years experience a dramatic rate of growth in the front part of the brain that governs organizational behaviors. Now is the time to take advantage of this critical period to help your child achieve the basic skills that will carry through a lifetime of learning.

R.E.A.D Elite | Ages 3 - 6

GradePower Learning provides children in the R.E.A.D Elite program with:

  • Small class sizes for focused support and attention.
  • An enriched curriculum that integrates a child’s sense of discovery with his or her existing knowledge.
  • A comfortable speed, adapted to your child's pace.
  • A warm environment where your young child feels welcomed during our preschool tutoring sessions.
  • A strong head start to reading success.

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Contact us to find a preschool tutor and learn how the R.E.A.D Elite program can get your child on the path to success in the classroom.

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