Important Reasons For Students To Learn A Second Language

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Being proficient in one’s native language is one important skill. However, learning a second language helps a student stand out from the rest. As the world becomes more advanced, the importance of learning a second language has become even more critical. 

Acquiring a second language is something all students should consider to enhance their future. To learn more about the benefits of learning a second language, read on for the top six reasons:

Top Six Benefits of Learning A Second Language

  1. Strengthens Brain Power

Each language has its own set of complicated yet brilliant rules and structures. It is important to realize that this can be complex because it challenges the brain. It also enhances the brain’s power. In fact, a recent study found that young adults who are bilingual had better concentration. In addition to enhanced concentration, bilingual students’ memory abilities and thinking skills were more developed. The brain of a bilingual student learns new patterns and complexities to help it problem-solve. Developing critical thinking skills allows a student to perform more effectively both personally and professionally. With this in mind, language centers in the brain are extremely flexible. Learning a new language allows the brain to develop in new ways.

2. Improves Multi-Tasking Skills

Multi-tasking can be a rather stressful skill for those who do not utilize it. According to the (NIH) National Institutes of Health, children who are bilingual are better at multi-tasking than monolingual children. Bilingual children have this cognitive advantage. They are able to switch between tasks and languages with ease. This maximizes their productivity to a high degree and enhances communication in everyday life. The ability to task-switch more naturally and quickly is an important skill.

3. Better Short-Term Memory

Speaking a second language means that the individual understands and can speak twice the vocabulary of a monolingual individual. In fact, bilingualism enhances working memory is associated with more efficient verbal functioning memory performance. The ability to have this greater memory capacity helps the bilingual individual recall minor information such as names and dates to more complicated information. For this reason, bilingual individuals often have more flexible brains which help improve memory.

Bilingualism Keeps The Brain Healthy

4. More Efficient At Problem-Solving

Problem-solving is an absolutely vital component of many professions. One of the key signs of an efficient worker is their ability to problem-solve efficiently and effectively. For bilinguals, problem-solving can occur rather naturally. A Canadian study found that children who speak two languages can problem-solve much more easily than monolingual children. The researchers found that bilingual children can combat conflict inhibition by ignoring certain information. Conflict inhibition allows individuals to determine certain rules or behaviors. By doing so, they can find an alternate solution. This can also be considered compartmentalization.

5. Improves Academic Performance In Other Areas

As bilingual children often possess higher cognitive skills, this helps improve their performance in other academic areas. The cognitive benefits of learning a second language has a direct impact on a student’s academic performance. According to ACTFL Language Connects, bilingual individuals have improved spatial abilities and enhanced creative thinking skills. The result can be higher standardized test scores to improved reading achievement. Second language skills boost the ability to be successful in several academic areas.

6. Offers More Career Opportunities

The Eton Institute’s Language Development in the Workforce survey found that 89% of employers stated that multilingual employees add more value to the workplace. Bilingual employees can even earn up to 20% more than their monolingual counterparts. This is because bilingual employees are able to translate and communicate with clients and customers without issue. As the number of specific job opportunities become more scarce, employers will be more selective on who they hire and why. Employers are in search of additional qualifications that make an individual distinctive. Children that learn a second language will be more prepared at a young age for their education and career opportunities.

A Second Language Builds Confidence

GradePower Learning helps students build confidence and reach their academic goals in every and any subject. These skills are transferable for a lifetime of efficient learning. With just a few hours a week, your child can develop the key skills to succeed in school and in their future. 

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