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Largo Medical Center announces scholarship winner

The Staff Physician Health Care Education Scholarship recently announced that this year’s recipient is 18-year-old Elisha Myers, a Largo High School student.

To be eligible for the academic subsidy, which is funded by the medical staff at Largo Medical Center, a student must show a commitment to embark on a healthcare-related career.

A readiness for life after high school, either via post-secondary education or high school career training, is one of the objectives of the Florida Standards, which have been described as essentially the federally backed Common Core standards. Largo students, like others across the state, starting in the school year 2014-15, had cursive writing and calculus added to the curriculum for English and math.

Other criteria for the scholarship are maintaining a minimum of a 3.0 GPA, a commitment to community improvement, and displaying leadership. Applicants do not have to show a financial need as such, but the student’s financial situation is taken into consideration. The winner is chosen by a committee of the hospital’s physicians.

Karen Kritsky, D.O., a member of staff at the Largo Medical Center, commented in the press release announcing the recipient:

“We continue to want to engage local high school students in the field of healthcare and this is our way of helping make that happen.”

The scholarship, now in its second year, is $5,000, which is given to one senior over the course of four years. Myers expressed delight at the news, with her intentions being to pursue a medical career at the University of Florida.

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