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Largo students shine during Rochester competition

Three of Largo’s middle school students were recently given an opportunity to travel to the Rochester Institute of Technology to take part in a national level math competition. According to the district’s website, they did themselves, and the whole school proud.

The pupils, who attend school at Morgan Fitzgerald Middle School, participated in the competition, which challenged their math skills for deaf and hard of hearing students. The Rochester Institute of Technology has an internationally recognized program that helps prepare those who have issue with their hearing for careers in technical and professional fields.

There were 35 different teams from across the USA and Canada that took part in the event, and it was Pinellas County School’s first year taking part. They undertook a team problem solving event where they had 45 minutes to solve 10 problems. This was followed by a sprint round and target round. The team from Morgan Fitzgerald was able to secure a 14th spot out of the 35 teams that participated.

Lis Rose, who is the Pinellas County Schools teacher who escorted the pupils to the competition, noted that she was pleased to see how well they did and also how much of a boost it gave to the confidence of the three young people who competed. A company that provides math tutoring in Largo can help any student who needs additional support.

According to the district’s website, it provides support and other services to about 200 children and young adults.

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