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Round Rock ISD chosen to implement pilot learning program

Round Rock Independent School District is among 23 sites in the state that will receive support to help it implement the Blended Learners Initiative.

Five of the locations selected will be given up to $500,000 in funding through a grant provided by the Blended Learners Initiative, while 18 others, including Round Rock ISD, that were chosen to act as pilot sites will receive nonfinancial support to implement the program.

The school districts that will be adding the program to their curriculum will be part of a Pilot Network that will be provided with coaching, implementation assistance, and training through Raise Your Hand Texas. Other schools that may be interested in finding out more about Blended Learning will be able to do so through the online portal that will be set up to allow educators to access materials, resources, and other information that they may find useful.

Blended Learning combines traditional education in a school-based classroom setting with online, web-based education. This allows students to learn at their own pace and provides them with benefits from both types of learning. It also gives them an opportunity to have face-to-face engagement with both teachers and their fellow classmates. Learning skills tutoring in Round Rock can be used by those local students who may need some extra assistance in their studies in order to achieve success.

Anyone who may be interested in finding out more about this new style of education, or Raise Your Hand Texas, is invited to visit the organization’s website.

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