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Gordon Falk

Executive Director

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Cara Harper

Center Director

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What Parents & Students Are Saying

We have been thrilled with the progress our son had made since joining GradePower Learning. His grades have gone up, he's more confident in school and he has even gained any interest in reading that he didn't have before.

Sarah H

“GradePower Learning provided clarity and structure to help my daughter past her math anxiety after a particularly stressful year in math class last year. With hard work by her and consistent input from GPL staff one year later, not only did she end this year more confidently, but she earned the math award from her teacher for her grade level! Talk about a confidence booster! Now we are all more confident about her transitioning successfully to a more challenging workload in high school. I highly recommend the GradePower Learning program to anyone willing to make an investment in their child's academic success and confidence.”

Patricia W

“Awesome and caring staff who truly care about the children.”

Lachrisha B

Thanks to teaching organization skill and offering reading comprehension lessons, my daughter scored very high on her 3rd grade STAAR test.

T Paddenburg

My daughter started GradePower Learning in December of 2015. She started out at a 3rd grade level in reading comprehension. She is now at a 6th grade level. GradePower Learning is not a tutor, they teach children cognitive skills that they can apply to everyday life. Other similar places are good and can bring your child to on-level. The difference is that other places will be every year to get your child caught up. GradePower Learning teaches your child how to process and organize thoughts to help your child one day overcome the need for tutoring because they have the skill set to help themselves.

Julie R

GradePower Learning and their staff have been very attentive to our daughter needs. She as gone from failing in geometry to getting an 'A' by end of the semester! We like their flexible schedule and willingness to work with other activities/meetings when she has other activities. I would highly recommend GradePower Learning Round Rock!

Scott S.

I was looking into a good learning place for my daughter who is a kindergarten student and was struggling with reading and writing at the time and needed to catch her up fast to her class level. I looked into many learning centers but when I met with the owner Mr, Glen and sat down with him and discussed what they do to help kids, their approach in study and talked about my daughter I instantly was drawn towards the fact that they work with the child in a way where the kid will fall in love with studying and it will become very easy for the child and enjoyable and their goal is to make the child go beyond the grade level, and that's exactly what I was looking for. I wanted my daughter to be a level ahead in school and I'm glad for putting her in GradePower Learning. Her reading really is improving and she is becoming more confident in her writing and reading and tries her best and I'm so proud to see the improvement in her. I couldn't be more happy to see her success in school makes me proud.

Arooj S

We absolutely love GradePower Learning! The atmosphere is a wonderful learning environment for all grade school children. The instructors genuinely care about the students in their educational and personal growth. This place was a life saver for us. My daughter has improved so much with the help of GradePower Learning.

Stacy G

Our experience with GradePower Learning Round Rock has been phenomenal. A close family friend recommended GradePower Learning and we have never regretted our decision. From the relaxed initial meeting to reviewing the assessment test to monthly reviews, our expectations have been exceeded continually. Our child was a great student, but had organization issues. Some assignments suffered as a result. GradePower Learning has assisted with his attitude towards school and assignments. Our child's grades have improved in every subject and he is always eager to come to his sessions each week at GradePower Learning. We now have an exceptional student who has since been recognized by his school for his academic achievements.

Tim A

GradePower Learning helped me immensely on my ACT scores. I was a senior who procrastinated on taking the ACT so I knew I only had one shot so my mom found GradePower Learning to help me make sure that one chance paid off. Well it did! My first diagnostic I got a 17 and then in just three weeks of dedication and hard work studying at GradePower Learning I ended up getting a 28! A fantastic score that I am very happy with. I would highly recommend GradePower Learning to anyone needing help with ACT or SAT.

Nicholas P

I would recommend GradePower Learning to anyone and everyone! The level of personalized service I received from Glen (Center Director) and his staff is exceptional. The facility is clean and welcoming and I can't say enough about the location. It is located close and convenient to MANY schools in Round Rock. GradePower Learning has been successful in helping my son's ACT score increase by 11 points! He takes the SAT soon and because of GradePower Learning's help in preparing him for the test he will now take the test with confidence! In summary, I feel the staff truly cares about my son.

Susan S

“I worked at GradePower Learning for a while, and enjoyed not just my work, but the atmosphere that was set for the children, to make learning enjoyable in every way. While I was there, most of the children shared that they enjoyed being at GPL much more than being in school :)”

Elsa R

I love GradePower Learning Round Rock! My daughter started the program (focus on math) right before school started, and we quickly saw an improvement with her attitude regarding homework. She's never made horrible (math) grades on her report card because we always did extra credit to bring her grades up from a C to a B; however this year, it's only been A's (and no extra credit). Not to say anything bad about other tutoring centers; but we tried other options prior to GradePower Learning, and it was a struggle getting her to go. Now, she looks forward to going to GradePower Learning and always comes out with a smile when I pick her up and says it was a good session. To add, the staff is very accommodating and understanding. I would highly recommend!

Chu H

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