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Preparing for University


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20-Hours Study Skills Program

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Careers with Tutor Mansfield

  • High School Math/Science Teacher

    Position Details

    High School Math/Science Teacher

    Motivated by mathematics? Sharp with science? Excited by equations in both fields? Eager to help students succeed in math and science? 

    GradePower Learning Mansfield is looking for an upbeat, dynamic part-time High School Math/Science teacher who wants to work in a challenging and rewarding teaching environment. Candidates must possess a strong background in Math and Science and must be comfortable teaching students in Grades 9 - 12 at all levels, in both subjects. 

    We focus on cognitive personal development and look for individuals who will honor GradePower Learning's teaching methods and philosophy in a fun environment. We will train you in our innovative Interactive Coaching methods that teach students how to learn and study more effectively.

    Our candidate must have:

    • General Qualifications:
      • A rockstar personality, tenacious drive, strong leadership skills
      • Ability to work in an environment that yields fast-paced results
      • The ability to multitask, be flexible, and think on your feet
      • Vibrant personality, and enjoys interacting with young people
      • Dynamic, energetic, and outgoing personality
      • Dedicated and passionate teacher who thrives on seeing students succeed
      • Upbeat and willing to motivate children
      • Must be flexible in availability
    • Specific Qualifications:
      • Experience in either teaching or tutoring high levels of math
      • Bachelor’s Degree or current university students with extensive tutoring experience
      • Must have extensive knowledge of the current 9th-12th-grade math and science curriculum including but not limited to Advanced Functions, Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
      • Good knowledge of the current 9th-12th-grade math curriculum, particularly senior maths including Advanced Functions, Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus, and Vectors

    If you possess all of the above qualities, meet all the qualifications, and want to join a high energy group of educators whose goal is to see students succeed, then please send your resume to mansfieldtx@gradepowerlearning.com.

    We thank all applicants for your interest in GradePower Learning. However, only those selected for the interview process will be contacted.

  • Learning Coach

    Position Details

    Learning Coach/Teacher

    GradePower Learning is a global leader in Supplemental Education. We take pride in being a little different. In so many ways, this is like no place you’ve ever worked. Seriously, we love what we do, and we love having fun while doing it! We strive to hire excellent people, and we expect excellence. Great people make a great team and will keep our company strong. We are passionate about our mission; to help children achieve their highest potential!

    Our approach is fundamentally different and goes way beyond tutoring. Our teaching methods emphasize cognitive learning as a major component of the learning process. We combine cognitive learning and interactive coaching to develop active thinkers, healthy self-esteem, and a lasting love of learning. Our unique programs teach children to learn how to learn, breaking the cycle of hiring tutors year after year.

    We know why you became a teacher, and we offer an opportunity to reach every single child that walks through our doors. At GradePower Learning, you will enjoy just teaching. No lesson plans, no preparation. You will be trained on our proprietary curriculum and given the tools to be a successful coach in a small group setting. You will provide personalized instruction in Reading, Writing, Math, Study Skills, and SAT/ACT prep to students of all levels using cognitive-based methods.

    We are looking for flexible part-time teachers with a passion for coaching kids between ages 3 and 18. We are looking for candidates with great skills in relating to kids of all ages and personalities. A positive attitude is a necessity, as is the desire to praise and celebrate both the achievements and difficulties along the learning path of each child.

    If you know you can make a difference, we want you on our team!

    We need team members with these qualities:

    • Ability to maintain a positive, enthusiastic, can-do attitude!
    • Warm, energetic, organized and self-motivated.
    • Patient and understanding; recognizing that all students are unique.
    • Ability to build intrinsic motivation in our students and make it matter!
    • Desire and personality to establish a fun learning environment.
    • Ability to work independently as well as in a team setting.
    • Skilled in problem solving.
    • Willingness to learn and implement the GradePower Learning methods and take pride in their work.
    • Values and consistently exhibits honesty and integrity in all situations.
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

    Candidates Needed:

    • Elementary and middle-school-level teachers with the ability to coach students in reading, writing, grammar, math, and science.
    • ACT/SAT coaches with great skills in relating to high school students and their unique personalities. High school math and science proficiency required. (Algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and chemistry.) For ACT/SAT coaches, former teaching experience is not required. Only energetic applicants who scored in the 90th percentile on the SAT or ACT need apply. Training and curriculum are provided. Current college students are welcome to apply.
    • Pre-school teachers with prior experience in pre-school or kindergarten to teach our “Little Readers” pre-school program with an emphasis on phonics, math, and fine motor skills. 2 1/2 hour morning interactive preschool program for ages 3-6 years. (Education degree preferred.)

    The perfect candidates will have at least one of the following:

    • Bachelor’s Degree (in Education preferred)
    • Experience in teaching or education
    • Early childhood education
    • Teaching certification
    • Field expertise and excitement about teaching
    • Familiarity and/or expertise with Common Core Standards a plus!

    Please send your resume to mansfieldtx@gradepowerlearning.com. Must pass a criminal background check.

What Parents & Students Are Saying

My experience has been great! I was treated very well and was pushed to do my best and to achieve my highest score possible. My SAT score went from 890 to 1210, which I am very happy about. I'm glad that I came to GradePower Learning!

James G.

Great environment for kids to learn and develop great study skills! My 13 year old son attended the "Get Organized Workshop" and he is a changed kid well at least when it comes to his organization skills for school. I just wish Nick would do an in home clean your room Organization Workshop.


I attended the 10-hour TSI program. It was a great experience. I learned and re-learned a lot while spending my time here and I hope to come back soon! Thank you so much for the help!

David A.

I'm excited that my son signed up for the program and I can see his confidence is growing!

Michelle S.

My experience with GradePower Learning Mansfield has been outstanding. I was given numerous tips and tricks that definitely helped in making me not overthink simple questions. Mathematics wise, I struggled a lot with, but all my tutors were helpful in walking me through step-by-step until I fully comprehended a problem. I feel well over prepared for my ACT and definitely expect to see a good outcome and the goal/result I want.

Hailey T.

I love this place! They have really helped my daughter! GradePower Learning teaches based on your child’s learning technique. They really take the time to get to know your child and the best ways to learn!

Shayla W.

I just completed my test and I feel like I did very well this time compared to the last two times. I felt super confident and came across almost no questions in which I didn’t know how to answer.


Thank you for helping me learn and accomplish my goals!

Alex A.

Thank you Nick! I appreciate how much you invest in my son and getting him the study skills he is needing for high school and will be taking into college!


Thank you to Nick and his team for helping raise my son’s ACT score! The tutoring really helped him be more prepared for the test and feel more confident walking in on test day. The boost in his ACT score will amount to thousands of dollars in college scholarships. Thank you again!


When starting the Study Skills program I had a negative attitude, but I soon realized the things I have learned I am going to use for the rest of my schooling career, if not my whole life.

Kellyanne C.

I wanted to show my appreciation and gratitude for Nick Young and his terrific staff. Our family has tried other “tutoring” companies in the past, but we never saw positive results and our kids HATED to go! After meeting Nick in our local BNI (Business Networking International) group, I was excited to learn more about his program. I love the idea of connecting with the student’s teachers so that the curriculum can stay targeted to match the classroom. Not only do they dedicate time to help with homework, but their main focus is on the development of fundamentals. Since starting GradePower both of my kids have all A’s and 1 B; their weaker subjects are becoming stronger and stronger. The program works, but not only that… the kids actually enjoy going. At first it was like pulling teeth, but now they realize that the time goes quick and their grades are getting better!


This was the best thing I have done for Aaron and his schooling. I am more than impressed with the team at GradePower Learning! He has his confidence back and it was seen in the first week! Thank you, Nick and the team!


School is going great! He has even gotten brave about trying to read. The funny part is I caught him out of bed last night reading a book by his night light.


I know the family that owns this learning center. You will not find a better place for your child’s mind to grow or a better group for them to learn from! Please like and share their page…


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Frequently listed as one of the ‘Best Cities to Live In’ within the United States, Mansfield, Texas is a popular and affluent suburb of Dallas-Fort Worth. Known for its good schools and active community, Mansfield has proved to be the perfect location for GradePower Learning® – a one-of-a-kind tutoring facility that helps students of all ages reach their full educational potential.

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