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    GradePower Learning in Palatine, IL is seeking the best qualified applicants who love teaching and motivating others. We offer part-time opportunities to provide personalized instruction to students of all levels to help them reach their learning potential, not just for one grade or for one year, but for lasting school success!

    Our teachers:

    • Teach/coach using our unique cognitive-based methods and curriculum
    • Build intrinsic motivation in our students and make learning meaningful
    • Dedicate themselves to helping students become confident learners
    • Encourage excellence, striving to develop top skills to achieve goals
    • Instruct students in a range of grades and abilities
    • Assess and document student progress
    • Maintain a positive, enthusiastic, can-do attitude!


    If you have what it takes to bring out the best in our students and know you can make a difference, we want to hear from you!


    Please call us at (847) 963-9900 and email your resume to: Sandy Sweilem at ssweilem@gradepowerlearning.com

What Parents & Students Are Saying

Our past experience with Mike (coaching math for SAT) and most recent experience with Janki (coaching in physics) is excellent. Both coaches do a thorough job of explaining the material and truly show a vested interest in helping the students. It is a joy when your student returns from a session enlightened. We appreciate the help and positive attitude! Best Regards,


I have nothing but the highest regard for GradePower Learning Palatine. They have been an absolute life changer with respect to my daughter’s education. She was homeschooled during junior high. During that time, GradePower Learning worked with her extensively. When she did the entrance examinations for Fremd High School, she had almost perfect scores. Thank you GradePower Learning!

Melanie W

GradePower Learning Palatine has done wonders for my kids. I see their reading, writing and math scores going up. Niki got two tests - each one she got a 100%. Wow! To think she was getting "C"s and now "A". Warmest regards


I just wanted to share some great news and we have GradePower Learning to thank. My son Jonathan got an A on his most recent math test and according to him, it’s because he has a great tutor at GradePower Learning that has helped him understand the material so much better than the first semester! He’s actually raised his grade from a C to a high B and has a chance at an A! Thanks so much for all your support! Best Regards,

Melinda Fine

My son has been coming to GradePower Learning in Palatine, IL since 2013. They have done a phenomenal job helping him succeed in school. The tutors here are all experienced with degrees and are great with kids! My son has some special needs and the staff have been so accommodating. I definitely would recommend GradePower Learning to any parent wanting their child to improve in academics. Thank you GradePower Learning! Barbara O.

Barbara O.

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What's New at Palatine

Valentine’s Day essay contest winners in grades 1-3

Our Team Members

Peter Vishneski

Peter Vishneski


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Priyanka Patel

Priyanka Patel

Education Coordinator/Teacher

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Sandy Sweilem

Sandy Sweilem

Director of Center Operations

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John Summers

John Summers


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Sean Finlon

Sean Finlon


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Daniel Ammer

Daniel Ammer


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Math Tutoring in Palatine

Math can seem an abstract and overwhelming subject to many students. Our math tutors know how to create relatable situations out of abstract math problems, making math more accessible and engaging for students of every age.

Science Tutoring in Palatine

Developing a love for science can help push one toward exciting careers, hobbies, and intellectual pursuits. Our science tutors help foster this type of appreciation, making sure kids are keeping up with their classmates in the classroom.

English Tutors in Palatine

Getting the most out of education requires a good background in reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary. Our English tutors create easy-to-understand exercises to teach kids both the basics and the advanced areas of the English language.

SAT & ACT Tutoring in Palatine

Preparation is the key to performing well on the SAT & ACT exams. Our tutors provide one-on-one attention and custom workbooks and study materials to make sure students have all the tools they need to take their exams with confidence.

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Make Studying Simple!

Our students learn the simple techniques that take the stress out of studying.

Quality Tutoring in Palatine

One of Chicago’s many scenic suburbs, Palatine, Illinois has grown quite a bit since the early 2000s, largely because of its highly regarded school system, which has drawn families from all over the area. This education-focused culture has made Palatine an excellent location for GradePower Learning®, a unique tutoring facility, helping countless children improve their core subject skills.

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Serving Palatine & Beyond

The tutors at GradePower Learning® Palatine are also happy to welcome students from our surrounding cities like: Inverness, Deer Park, Barrington, Kildeer, Rolling Meadows, and Arlington Heights.

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