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What Parents & Students Are Saying

Great place for my daughters (8 and 12)! I was looking for a new summer camp this year, something fun that would challenge them intellectually. I read about GradePower Learning online and called to check them out. Dale is incredibly personable and helpful, and really great with the kids. GPL has put together a great collection of weekly camps with themes including space, art, oceanography, world travel, science, US travel, zoology, tech, and the environment. My girls completed the art camp in June. Ms. Mary taught them about Greek art, Egyptian art, Stonehenge, modern art (Pollack), and several others. They did mosaics, paper mache, painting in Pollack's style. They had so much fun! Ms. Mary and Dale were supportive, encouraging, and personalized their experience to their learning style and needs. They can't wait to go back for the environment camp!

Alyson Federico

I started bringing my grandson here in spring and it has made such a huge difference in his grades, his confidence, and his ability to manage himself in the academic environment. The teachers and staff at GradePower Learning care very much about him and his success, and it shows. I am very pleased with the people and the process - they're not just drilling students, pounding info into their heads, and throwing worksheets at them. Rather, they're teaching them subject matter plus how to learn more effectively so that they can take these skills forward. This includes "soft" skills like time and task management, organization, and problem solving which of course apply to life, not just the classroom. GradePower Learning has done so much more than what I expected - I'm so glad I chose them.

Lisa Moran

We've been taking our son to GradePower Learning in Plano since August and they are awesome! The directors really connected with him immediately and he loves his tutors. The directors go with us for parent/teacher conferences and really stay involved in his curriculum at school so they can modify his tutoring sessions to stay in line with what he's doing in class. I would highly recommend this center for any tutoring needs! My son is doing much better in his Math and Reading since last year and I know GradePower Learning in Plano has played a huge part in his progress and confidence in school.

Tracy Ramos

The staff is very knowledgeable and very caring. They have been wonderful with my daughter and she has made great improvements in reading and math.

Andrew Smith

My daughter goes here for tutoring twice a week, and she loves it. She looks forward to coming here after school. They make it a fun learning environment for her. She is doing much better now in reading and math. I would highly recommend this place to all my family and friends.

Sheriz Tano

We love GradePower Learning. I enrolled my five year old triplets in two-day a week tutoring sessions to help build their reading skills to ensure they're 100% prepared for Kindergarten. I'm very satisfied with every aspect of the program. Highly recommend.

Sarah Nagy

Our granddaughter goes here twice a week and loves it. We selected GradePower Learning because they focus on each child individually and create learning modules for that child's particular needs. We like that they meet with our granddaughter's teachers to enhance what she is being taught at school. Jhumur and Dale are wonderful caring people as are the teachers here. I highly recommend this GPL facility!

Carol Garland

The staff at GradePower Learning Plano is incredibly friendly and focused on the individual needs of the child. They make sure they are teaching in the way the student learns best. Everyone I have met that there is very friendly and ready to help however they can.

Steph Deker

As the academic demands increase on kids and parents it is wonderful there is GradePower Learning to help deal with increased demands. We have had tremendous success working with the amazing team at the Plano location. The director is wonderful and makes it her personal mission to make sure every kid succeeds. She ensures her team has the same mission. They really care. We are involved parents and help the kids with their homework. Today kids need more. They need tips and strategies to prepare for the STAAR and the volume of information they need to absorb. This is what GradePower Learning helps them with in a very encouraging environment. It is a North American program so the emphasis is on application of facts versus just memorization. I would highly recommend GradePower Learning, Plano.


My daughter goes to GradePower Learning twice a week and loves going. She enjoys learning and the people there who teach her. They are a very caring group who go above and beyond in everything that they do. We've seen her grades dramatically improve over last year and her confidence continues to increase with every visit.

Chris Norris

Our daughter is in 2nd grade and she has really struggled with school, especially with reading and math. We truly did not know where to turn for help. We found GradePower Learning who constructed a program to help our daughter based on her individual needs. We meet monthly to see our daughter's ongoing progress. They provide us with information on her strengths and weaknesses, and give us helpful information to support her at home as well. GradePower Learning has been immensely helpful in giving our daughter confidence in her own abilities as a student. We expressed concern about our daughter’s learning challenges with math. The director was extremely supportive, and after some research she provided information on dyscalculia. Her support lead us to having a full psychoeducational battery of tests conducted on our daughter. She was diagnosed with dyslexia. We now know how to help our daughter be more successful in school. We are so grateful we found the wonderful team at GradePower Learning to help us through this process. Their passion to help kids learn and flourish is evident the moment you walk in the door!

Pamela Anderson

What's New at Plano

GradePower Learning has programs for all kinds of learners—the student struggling in math, the gifted child who hasn’t been challenged or the teenager seeking a better ACT or SAT score.

We believe it’s possible for children to grow smarter! GradePower Learning has been nurturing children’s curiosity for 30 years and we’ve helped thousands of children improve their motivation and earn better grades. We can help yours, too!


The Struggling Student

If your child is struggling to keep up, you may not know why. You may wonder, “Is it a lack of confidence? Is it an auditory weakness? Is it a weakness in problem-solving or reading comprehension?”

If your child has been getting bad grades or is behind grade level, here are two facts that will make you feel better right away:

  1. It’s not your fault.
  2. Your child CAN learn.

So many parents turn to GradePower Learning after other methods haven’t helped. Forcing your child to “buckle down and study harder” doesn’t work. Neither do traditional tutors, endless drills, or rote memorization.

At GradePower Learning, we understand that, besides your child’s own academic struggles, there is more pressure than ever on students to demonstrate critical thinking in all subject areas. The introduction of Common Core Standards in Texas has raised the bar for achievement, and students are expected to show that they are building proficiency in academic and cognitive skills throughout the year.

Let us figure out the cause of your child’s learning struggles and how to help your child rediscover the joy of learning.


Why We're Different

We’re way beyond tutoring. We don’t just provide homework help to prepare for the next assignment or test. We help strengthen the foundation—cognitive and academic skills--which can be used for years to come!

We create unique learning programs for children, so that they can reach their full potential. Our programs are designed to meet four important goals:

  1. Encourage independence and imagination.
  2. Develop cognitive and academic skills.
  3. Promote striving for excellence.
  4. Teach children to celebrate learning.


The College Advantage

Competition is stiff to get into the top colleges and universities, and tuition costs are rising. Even if your child is at grade level, earns good grades, and performs well on the ACT or SAT, getting into an Ivy League school or earning a big scholarship can be tough. That’s why enrichment tutoring is more important today than ever! Plus, it’s never too early to make sure your child is ready for success in college.

If your child is earning good grades, but complains of being bored, then it’s the right time to discover if your child is testing at a higher grade level. Simple tutoring will not enrich gifted children, because they are just reviewing the same textbook they already understand. They shouldn’t be stuck reviewing knowledge that has already been mastered.

Our proven enrichment planners can take your gifted child to the next level and beyond. At GradePower Learning, we’ll introduce new, more challenging concepts while we continue to fortify cognitive learning skills. This way, we’ll not only keep your child on the path to success but keep your child ahead of the pack.

Whether your child is struggling or wants to get the edge on college admissions, we can help!

Enrollment Process

Are you ready to invest in your child’s future success? Are you ready to take your child from struggling to thriving and provide him or her with the challenge he or she needs to soar?

Then you are ready for GradePower Learning.

Our unique learning program will equip your child with the confidence and self-esteem to learn and succeed at anything – from college and parenthood to a successful career. It’s more than learning for school – it’s learning that lasts a lifetime.

The GradePower Learning Process involves four important steps—The Dynamic Assessment, Program Recommendation, Active Learning Sessions and Regular Program Reviews—to put your child on the path to success.





This may be the most enjoyable test your child has ever taken! In this low pressure session, one of our dedicated staff members will administer the Dynamic Assessment™ to identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses in regards to their cognitive and academics. Our assessments usually take about two hours and assess whether your child is at, below, or above grade level—and what type of learner they may be! The results paint a holistic picture of your child’s academic and cognitive skills and aptitude.



We’ll sit down with you and review the results. Based on the results, we'll recommend a customized learning plan that addresses weak academic skills, nurtures academic strengths, and builds confidence and true understanding in a way that no other tutoring plan can.


We also determine the number of coaching hours needed to produce better grades and better motivation. Our program not only addresses core subject areas, but it also integrates GradePower Learning strategies with school. We create a program just for your child; the curriculum is tailored to your child’s needs in math, reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, and writing. This is how GradePower Learning Plano works with you and your child to produce lasting and meaningful change.



Now that your child is “in on the plan”, the relationship with his or her academic coach will be off to a great start. Working in small groups under the coach’s personal direction, your child’s training sessions will be filled with fun, lively discussion and a lot of celebrating. We celebrate success, but we also celebrate mistakes as opportunities to learn. After only a few sessions, you may begin to notice a change in your child’s mood, confidence, self-esteem, and attitude toward school.



Our regularly scheduled Lesson Plan Reviews will keep you consistently aware of your child’s progress on our shared journey to success. We’ll also let you know of any changes to your child’s program. While you’re free to call us any time with questions or feedback, the Program Reviews are events you can add to your calendar; sort of our version of a report card. Lastly, we will connect with your child's teachers (with your permission) to form a partnership with them in order to collectively and collaboratively work with your child!

To learn more about our Plano tutors, contact GradePower Learning® today!

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Math Tutoring in Plano

Math can be a difficult subject to get a handle on, regardless of your age or experience. Our tutors know how to make these problems and equations relatable, easy-to-understand, and even fun.

Science Tutors in Plano

It’s a big world out there, and the more you learn about it, the better you’ll appreciate it! Our tutors help children increase their knowledge of science in ways that will help them succeed inside and outside of the classroom.

English Tutors in Plano

Without the ability to properly communicate, students can struggle to get the most out of their education. Our English courses focus on structure, comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary – giving students a leg-up for the future.

SAT & ACT Tutoring in Plano

Our tutoring programs help students prepare for the SAT & ACT exams with the tools they need to achieve success. With custom workbooks and study guides your child learns in an engaging and enriching way.

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Make Studying Simple!

Our students learn the simple techniques that take the stress out of studying.

Quality Tutoring in Plano

Though technically a suburb of Dallas-Fort Worth, Plano is both a city and economy all its own. Home to some of the largest companies in the US – including Cinemark Theaters, Frito-Lay, and Toyota Motors USA – Plano supports thousands of working families. This makes it a great location for GradePower Learning®, a one-of-a-kind tutoring facility located right in the heart of the city.

Here, students work to build confidence as well as knowledge of their core subjects. With one-on-one tutoring and fun, engaging exercises, there’s no better place to overcome one’s learning difficulties.

Serving Plano & Beyond

The tutors at GradePower Learning® Plano are also proud to serve students from nearby towns and cities, including: Allen, Parker, Murphy, McKinney, Frisco, Garland, and Addison.

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