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Get A Head Start On Better Grades Next Year!

Summer learning helps students:

  • Get a head start on next year’s subjects
  • Maintain facts and details
  • Keep momentum going
  • Keep math skill sharp
  • Preserve reading abilities
  • Retain habits and routines

Ongoing research into summer learning shows that students who participate in summer classes have an educational advantage over their peers who take the summer off. If you are looking to give your child an academic advantage, there is one sure-fire way to do it: summer learning classes.

Your child’s brain never shuts off, even on vacation from school! It’s always hungry to learn and grow. But, when it’s not nourished or challenged for a period of time—such as over the summer months—it can backtrack. All that great information learned during the school year begins to fade away, becoming harder and harder to recall.

That’s because two-months break from learning stalls cognitive growth, causing students to regress academically. In fact, summer learning losses are proven to be cumulative—learning losses in elementary school may never be regained and can follow students through high school.
Studies show that by the end of grade five, children who have not participated in summer learning can be as much as 2-3 years behind their peers.

Check Out Our Great Summer Programs!

Summer Camp Plan/Pricing:
We offer 3-hour classes a day for $ 75/day or $375/week. From 4 weeks to 8 weeks of your choice. 
Class Timing: 9-12 am or 4-7 pm.
Parents/students have options to choose the weeks to attend to. 

                   Ages 3-5                      Grades 1-4                  Grades 5-8                      Grades 9-12
4 weeks: (20 days) $60/day $ 1200 4 weeks: 20 days @ $65/day $ 1300 4 weeks: 20 days @ $70/day $ 1400 4 weeks: 20 days @ $80/day $ 1600
5 weeks: 25 days @ $60/day $ 1500 5 weeks: 25 days @ $65/day $ 1625 5 weeks: 25 days @ $70/day $ 1750 5 weeks: 25 days @ $80/day $ 2000
6 weeks: 30 days@ $55/day $ 1650 6 weeks: 30 days@ $60/day $ 1800 6 weeks: 30 days@ $65/day $ 1950 6 weeks: 30 days@ $75/day $ 2250
7 weeks: 35 days@ $55/day $ 1925 7 weeks: 35 days@ $60/day $ 2100 7 weeks: 35 days@ $65/day $ 2275 7 weeks: 35 days@ $75/day $ 2625
8 weeks: 40 days@ $52/day $ 2080 8 weeks: 40 days@ $58/day $ 2320 8 weeks: 40 days@ $62/day $ 2480 8 weeks: 40 days@ $72/day $ 2880

Early birds get 5% discount. 20% of total due on registration.


What Parents & Students Are Saying

I cannot thank you enough for getting my son ready for middle school. We both think of you as family and we know we can always come back to GradePower Learning in the future. You have great teachers working in your friendly office.

Middle School Prep

I just wanted to thank you for doing your best, and beyond, with my daughter...and for having an equally warm and nurturing nature which made her more receptive to learning and as prepared as possible with the time given, and thus a very happy camper indeed! We hope you may be interested in tutoring her during the school year as she commences trigonometry, regardless of her degree of comfort, which of course we hope will be solid. She is grateful (as I am) to you for having loaned her study materials and your beautiful compass, which she will dutifully return to you during the coming week. We look forward to seeing you again. Kind regards,

Geometry Conquered!

For more info about our programs or to find a tutor in Staten Island, contact GradePower Learning® today!

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Math Tutors in Staten Island

Our tutors may have just the approach your children have been waiting for. With relatable situations and visual constructions, we can remove the abstractions and help kids see the subject more clearly.

Science Tutoring in Staten Island

Studying the subject of science can lead to a number of successful careers. Still, the sheer size of the subject can make it an intimidating one. Luckily, our tutors have created a science curriculum that is fun, engaging, and educational.

English Tutoring in Staten Island

A good basic knowledge of English is essential to getting the most out of high school and college. Our tutors present grammar and structure in easy-to-understand ways, helping students achieve while increasing vocabulary, reading, and writing skills.

SAT & ACT Tutoring in Staten Island

Our SAT & ACT prep courses provide the tools students need to achieve success, including custom workbooks and study guides. With one-on-one and group instruction, students get quality preparation for their college-readiness exams.

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Make Studying Simple!

Our students learn the simple techniques that take the stress out of studying.

Quality Tutoring in Staten Island

The fastest-growing of New York’s boroughs, Staten Island, New York has become a thriving, cosmopolitan community. Serving as a suburb to both The Big Apple and Newark, New Jersey, Staten Island is home to an education-focused and affluent group of young professionals. This makes it a perfect home for GradePower Learning®, a unique tutoring facility that helps kids of all ages reach their full educational potential.

Serving Staten Island & Beyond

The tutors at GradePower Learning® in Staten Island are happy to help students from across the NYC area, including: Carteret, Rahway, Perth Amboy, Edison, Union, and Elizabeth.

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