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Discover School Success This Year with GradePower Learning!

Using the science of cognitive learning, GradePower Learning creates customized learning programs that help students meet their learning goals this year with in-person or online programs.

From Pre-K to College Readiness, we focus on understanding your child and providing the help and support he or she needs to be successful.

We offer our students:

  • A comfortable environment for asking questions and learning. We pride ourselves on providing a space where students can learn at their own speed.
  • A selection of different subject areas — from math to English, we cover it all.
  • Study and organizational skills that keep students efficient inside and outside the classroom.
  • Support and help from our esteemed instructors and educators.

A Safe Learning Environment

All our locations follow the strictest health and safety procedures including strict daily cleaning and sanitation procedures, limiting capacity, and social distancing to ensure your child’s learning environment is as safe as possible for instruction.

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Welcome to GradePower Learning Sugar Land!

We are conveniently located to serve the cities of Sugar Land, New Territory, Stafford, Missouri City, Richmond, and Katy.

The GradePower Learning method, internationally known as Oxford Learning, has been around for over 30 years proving time and time again that it is an effective method of learning. We focus on improving learning skills at the cognitive level rather than relying on memorization and repetition. We do not offer merely “band-aids” so students can pass a specific test or perform better in school in the short term. We work with students to develop lasting study skills that will help your child through the discovery of their own learning abilities and the development of their own potential. 


Our program begins with our Dynamic Assessment. This low pressure session is designed to identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses. The results paint an integral picture of your child’s academic and cognitive skills and aptitude. Based on these results, we create a customized learning plan for your child that addresses weak academic skills, nurtures academic strengths, and builds confidence and true understanding in your child.

The curriculum is tailored to your child’s needs in math, reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, and writing. Our program will provide your child with the opportunity to develop their own learning potential, as well as the love for learning. Your child will then be working in small groups under the coach’s personal direction. Your child’s training sessions will be filled with fun, lively discussion and a LOT of celebrating. We celebrate success at GradePower Learning, but we also celebrate mistakes as opportunities to learn. After only a few sessions, you may begin to notice a change in your child’s mood, confidence, self-esteem, and attitude toward school.

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Careers with Tutor Sugar Land


    Position Details

    GradePower Learning Sugar Land is now looking for coaches for our vibrant family-oriented center. If you are passionate about teaching and learning, join us and learn “the GradePower Learning way.” Make a positive impact in the lives of children between ages 3 and 18 by teaching them how to be active learners and gain study skills to become successful students. 

    We can work around your schedule! We offer part-time shifts and competitive compensation. All training is provided.

    • Excellent oral and written communication skills
    • Experience coaching, mentoring, or teaching children of different abilities, learning styles, and personalities
    • Punctual, reliable, and able to commit to coaching twice a week at our center
    • Eager to learn and love to teach


    We are looking for candidates who can teach preschool programs, math, reading, science, and/or SAT/ACT prep.

    Interested? E-mail your cover letter and resume to sugarlandtx@gradepowerlearning.com or call 832.532.0124 for more information

Location Specific Programs

What Parents & Students Are Saying

"I take this opportunity to express my thanks to GradePower Learning for the fantastic work and total commitment. Your daily encouragement and support let us know how much you care about our daughter!" M.R. Sugar Land, TX

Thanks to GPL Sugar Land

GradePower Learning Sugar Land TX. had a contest called "Apply SQ-RCRC in the most creative way you can". We would like to share a bit of the winner's essay: "SQ-RCRC isn't only for school work. You can also use it in you everyday life. When you are playing a brand new video game, I use SQ-RCRC in this order: I Survey the home menu and ask the Questions: "What do these buttons do?" "How do I start playing?" "Is this game like any other I know?" Then I read the labels on each section and cover them to see if I remember. I recite to myself what to do and then check if I was right. This works every time. -Martina Lopez We think this is fantastic!

A job well done

"When I first came to GradePower Learning, I had no idea what to expect from the teachers or the preparation. However, after taking just a few classes, I got an insight to all of the tricks on mastering the SAT which I never knew about. The materials given to me were very beneficial and the environment is incredibly welcoming. The teachers and coaches were very courteous and made sure that I was understanding the information and they took their time in teaching me. (Not to mention the owners were very considerate and made sure that I felt comfortable every time I came). Overall, it was really rewarding experience and I feel as confident as ever taking the SAT this coming year!" Fatima Afaq (SAT Prep).

A huge Thank you!

"We love GradePower Learning, they are very knowledgable and professional and they care about their students. The place is set up really well and the location is fantastic. Right next to Hwy 6 and an HEB close by, to do your groceries shopping while you wait!" M.S. Katy, TX

We love GPL Sugar Land

"I am so happy with the tutors and owners of GradePower Learning. They are so patient and caring with the students. My son improved his grades in math in a short period of time. I recommend this place 100%." B.C. Sugar Land, TX

Recommended 100%

What a great support for our sophomore daughter, with immediate results and a lot of motivation. Her grades improved significantly and most important she is excited to go for her tutoring classes. Thanks for such personalized support.

Ana A.



With over 30 years of experience in supplemental education, GradePower Learning has proven time and again that its proprietary methodology does help children achieve lifelong academic success.

GradePower Learning Sugar Land opened its doors in late 2015 to serve the community of Sugar Land and surrounding areas. We provide supplemental education for students 3 to 18 years of age, including SAT/ACT prep. Through dynamic and fun classes, our program teaches students to study independently, to be self-sufficient, and self-motivated. The tools they learn here stay with them and will help them all the way through college.

Our staff is passionate about teaching and the learning process; they are dedicated to help children develop their full academic and personal potential. For this, we team up with parents, teachers and principals to ensure that the end result benefits our students for years to come.



To make a positive difference in the academic life of your student, you need to go beyond the obvious. That’s why at GradePower Learning new students start the program with a Dynamic Assessment™ that will uncover the actual reasons why your student is not performing at his or her highest potential at school. That’s only the first step in an exciting path to rediscover their love for learning.

The GradePower Learning enrollment process involves four important steps:

Step 1: The Dynamic Assessment™

During this session, one of our staff members will administer the Dynamic Assessment™ to identify the child’s strengths and weaknesses. This assessment usually takes about two hours and measures whether your child is at, below, or above grade level. The results reflect a comprehensive picture of your child’s academic and cognitive skills and aptitude.

Step 2: Customized Program Recommendation.

We’ll sit down with you and review the results. Based on the results, we recommend a customized learning program that addresses weak academic skills, nurtures academic strengths, and builds confidence and true understanding in a way that no other tutoring plan can. We also determine the number of coaching hours needed to produce better grades and improve motivation. Our program not only addresses core subject areas, but it also integrates GradePower Learning strategies with school. We create a customized program just for your child; the curriculum is tailored to your child’s needs in math, reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, and writing. This is how GradePower Learning works with you and your child to produce lasting and meaningful change.

Step 3: Active Learning Sessions

Now that your child is “in on the plan”, the relationship with his or her academic coach will be off to a great start. Working in small groups under the coach’s personal direction, your child’s training sessions will be filled with fun, lively discussion and a LOT of celebrating. We celebrate success, but we also celebrate mistakes as opportunities to learn. After only a few sessions, you may begin to notice a change in your child’s mood, confidence, self-esteem, and attitude toward school.

Step 4: Regular Program Reviews

Our regularly scheduled Lesson Plan Reviews will keep you consistently aware of your child’s progress. We’ll also let you know of any changes to your child’s program. While you’re free to call us any time with questions or feedback, the Program Reviews are events you can add to your calendar; sort of our version of a report card.

Summer Business hours:

Mon - Thur 12:00 pm to 6:30 pm

Fri 10:00 am to 1:00 pm

Sat 10:00 am to 1:00 pm

Sun By Appointment Only

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Math Tutoring in Sugar Land

Students of all ages can hit roadblocks when it comes to understanding math. Our tutors simplify abstract concepts, presenting the material in an engaging, informative way so students can have fun learning math.

Science Tutoring in Sugar Land

Studying science can introduce a world of potential, but it’s easy to understand why some children are intimidated. Our tutors not only make science fun, but also help children develop a true love for understanding their world.

English Tutors in Sugar Land

There’s no overestimating the need for proper English skills. Our tutors work with children to build a solid foundation, as well as better vocabulary, reading, and writing skills.

SAT & ACT Tutoring in Sugar Land

Our SAT & ACT programs provide students with the materials and practice needed to perform to their highest potential and get into the college of their choice.

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Make Studying Simple!

Our students learn the simple techniques that take the stress out of studying.

Quality Tutoring in Sugar Land

Known as one of the fastest-growing and most affluent cities in the state, Sugar Land, Texas is a great place to live and a wonderful place to raise a family. This makes it a perfect location for GradePower Learning® to help students achieve success.

Our facility is unique because we put the focus on students’ needs, creating unique tutoring curriculums for each child, and building both confidence and comprehension at the same time. Learn more about our Sugar Land tutoring programs below.

Serving Sugar Land & Beyond

The tutors at GradePower Learning® in Sugar Land assist students from all over the area, including: Missouri City, Four Corners, Greatwood, Crabb, Richmond, and Booth.

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