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Louisville school selected for prestigious award

Louisville’s Fern Creek High School was recently honored by being named as this year’s winner of the DuFour Award.

The prize, which was originally created in recognition of the dedication of principal and teacher Dr. DuFour, was presented by Solution Tree, which is a professional development provider and educational publisher. The ceremony took place during the Summit on PLC at Work, where a spokesperson for the school accepted the prize check of $25,000.

Fern Creek was selected as the winner based on a short video and written essay that outlined its dedication to providing improved educational outcomes for its students, how it shares its staff’s experiences and best practices and also how its educators are continuously learning new ways to share information with their students. A local provider of tutoring services can work with individual students to help them achieve their academic best.

For his part, the institution’s principal Nathan Meyer remarked that he and his staff have all worked hard to turn the school around since it was identified as a Priority School in 2010. He went on to say that he feels honored to have has his school selected to be the recipient of the award.

Since Fern Creek was first designated as a Priority School, a lot of effort has been put into instituting a vigorous curriculum and adopting initiatives that improve the student’s level of career or college readiness. This dedication has allowed it to improve its raking, and it has risen to the 87th percentile from the 10th when it comes to academic achievement.

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