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LSC-Montgomery students ready to step up to four-year universities

It was reported recently on Welcome to Woodland Online that approximately 20 of LSC-Montgomery’s music students would be transferring to a four-year university this fall.

Several of the students received multiple acceptance letters.

According to Dr. Mark Marotto, of LSC-Montgomery’s musical department:

“It was an exceptionally talented group of students, so it’s no surprise they have all successfully transferred into excellent four-year institutions to continue their musical studies.”

For many an associate’s degree is adequate for their chosen vocation. Unfortunately, for those who plan to continue their education at a larger, four-year university, this next step can prove to be a steep one. This can be particularly true for those students who major in the arts.

Many students make the transition easier by engaging outside help over the summer before moving on. Since writing is such a big part of college life, writing tutoring for The Woodlands’ college-bound students is a sound investment.

LSC-Montgomery, at a mere 5 miles from The Woodlands, provides an excellent opportunity for local students to explore their interests and decide how far they wish to pursue them. The school offers an intense, two-year course that culminates in an associate of arts degree in musical studies.

For many high school students, especially those who are in the arts or humanity studies, the first year at any college may require a remedial course in math. Parents seeking to avoid their child needing such a course can engage a math tutor in The Woodlands prior to their child entering college.

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