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Mansfield Schools to focus on non-academic changes

The Mansfield School District is considering changes for hiring, scheduling, and start times.

The Texas legislature has passed House Bill 1842, which allows for more flexibility to local school districts.

As of the March 29th meeting, the school board is forming a committee of parents, teachers, and teachers’ union representatives to look into certification in those specialty areas such as diesel mechanics. Some present instructors in these noncore areas, especially in the Ben Barber Career and Technology Academy, have no teacher certification but have backgrounds in fields like welding, banking, and engineering.

Other areas of concern that the new bill allows the school district to address are the district’s start times and yearly schedule. These changes may not affect all children, but may allow s more flexible school day for The Phoenix Academy students.

The aforementioned committee will devise a plan for certification and potential course that could be offered at the Ben Barber Career and Technology Academy, as well as accommodation and scheduling flexibility for The Phoenix Academy students. The plan will be posted on the school district’s website for a month. It will then be discussed at a public hearing and afterward go to the school board for approval. Before implementation, the plan will be filed with the state education commissioner. Once approved, the five-year plan can begin as soon as January 2017.

These changes will be small and will not affect the core subjects, so if children are in need of help in these areas, parent will still need to go elsewhere for math and reading tutoring in Mansfield.

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