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Meridian students help others with newly acquired skills

Students who attend classes in Meridian’s Ada Career and Technical Education Center’s residential construction program recently had an opportunity put the skills they are learning into practice.

The young people have taken on the renovation of one of Lake Hazel Middle School’s portable building as their project for this year. This benefits both the student and the district itself, as it is a cost-effective way of upgrading the portables so they will be suitable for use as classrooms. According to teacher Mark Enger, who works with these youngsters on a day-to-day basis, they feel a sense of investment in the work, and they are proud to be helping their fellow scholars.

Engler went on to say that the course is giving youth a set of valuable skills they will be able to utilize in their future places of work. He explained that it’s a win-win situation, as they get to help their community, save the district thousands of dollars, and improve their future prospects. A service that supplies high school tutoring in Meridian can be called upon to provide additional assistance to any pupil who requires extra academic support.

So far, upgrades to the building’s windows and insulation have been made, and other improvements have been added. It is estimated that the overall savings created by the project run into tens of thousands of dollars, and the goal is to create a learning space that is comfortable and climate controlled, while still having a high Energy Star rating.

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