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Mixed results for EGUSD in standardized tests

Results from the California standardized tests were released on September 9, and while Elk Grove Unified School District (EGUSD) students have a lot of room for improvement, the set outperformed students at the county and state levels.

In language arts, 50% of EGUSD students met the set standard, and in math the results were 41% up to par. However, the school district can take pride in that its performance in grades 3-8 and in 11th grade testing was from 8-9% percent higher than the rest of Sacramento County. Similarly, the district outshined the rest of California students, where language arts averaged 44% and math a scant 33%.

Based on California’s Common Core curriculum the recently released results are part of the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress. Last Spring, almost 3.2 million students across the state were tested online to determine how well they had learned using the Common Core program. Critical thinking skills and becoming adept at explaining their answers are segments of the Common Core standards that Elk Grove teachers have been busily trying to instill over the past year few years in preparation for testing.

Test results show that, generally speaking, Elk Grove Unified students did their best work in the writing section of the test, where 73% were up to standard. The tests also show a significant gap in how well different ethnic groups did on the test. When considered by race or ethnicity, the highest marks for math and language arts went to Filipino students, followed by whites and Asians.

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