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Online Math Tutoring: Is It Effective?

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Math is one of the most challenging subjects for many students. Over the years, the tutoring industry has boomed with thousands of students using tutoring for support. During the COVID-19 pandemic, accessing in-person academic support has become very difficult. These online services are not only a viable alternative but a great replacement for in-person instruction.

Online tutoring is both accessible and affordable. Online programs allow for more interaction between tutor and student. However, some parents are still unsure about whether online math tutoring is the right choice for their child.

Is online math tutoring right for your child? Read on to learn more about why online tutoring may be a more effective option than in-person math aid.

Why Is Online Math Tutoring More Effective Than In-Person Math Tutoring?

Both tutors and parents can gain important information from students through online tutoring. Online tutoring offers a number of benefits, from learning plans to constant feedback. Brick-and-mortar tutoring can make the tutoring process less engaging. The in-person tutoring process is similar to the school classroom.

When it comes to learning math, students need valuable feedback and support. This helps them gain the confidence they need to score better. Here are some ways online math tutoring is a better choice for students:

  1. More Flexible. Online math tutors offer more flexible tutoring schedules for students. During this challenging time, not all students will be comfortable with the same time slot to be tutored. Most often, in-person math tutoring requires the parents to bring the student to the center. The alternative is having the tutor at the home of the student. However, that can be inconvenient or even uncomfortable for the student. All online tutoring requires is a good internet connection and a computer!
  2. More Accessible. Online tutors also do not require parents and students to travel which reduces travel costs. Instead, the tutor comes to you… online! This can make the tutoring process less intimidating and less stressful for students overall. Students can learn in the comfort of their homes. Online tutoring has been able to make understanding math much easier in a more accessible and less distracting way.
  3. Safe and Comfortable. One of the key advantages of online tutoring is that it’s safe and comfortable for students. This puts parents at ease as well. Online math tutoring offers a much safer arrangement. Tutors are thoroughly vetted to ensure the privacy and safety of the students they tutor. They also offer high-level support that students do not always receive from in-person math tutors.

Top Tips From Online Math Tutors

  1. Expect Challenges: Tutoring students in math is not always an easy task for students or tutors. Tutors are available to help educate and support students. However, students can expect to be challenged and motivated in various ways. In fact, challenges help a student become more active and engaged. This process helps them be more prepared for in-class challenges.
  2. Plan For Problem-Solving: Online learners want to stay connected to the world, even while being tutored. Online math tutors offer students a chance to solve real-life math problems by providing them with a current situation. Tutors help students problem solve by asking thought-provoking questions. They also apply developing problem-solving training activities. This allows students to learn how to avoid mistakes and ask questions about their choices.
  3. Notice Familiarity: Tutors often teach with familiar concepts. Students can quickly learn mathematics much more easily with the help of everyday objects. By making the subject matter more personal to the student, the greater the chance of that student being engaged and co-operative.

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