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Palm Harbor schools seeking teachers

Educators who are interested in relocating to Palm Harbor have been issued an invitation by Pinellas County Schools (PCS) district to attend its teacher job fair to find out more about which positions are available.

According to the district, it is interested in hiring educators for teaching positions at the elementary, middle and high school levels, as well as speech/language pathologists, ESE instructors, early childhood educators, guidance staff and an assortment of other staff.

Anyone who is interested in participating is required to register ahead of time. They can create an account with the district, upload a resume and more. Those who wish to receive an invitation to attend will need to ensure that the PCS district already has a copy of their full resume and that they hold either a valid Florida Statement of Eligibility or a valid teaching certificate. Those who have recently graduated may be permitted to substitute an official letter written by their institutions registrar or submit an official transcript of their final grades. They will also need to ensure they have completed the standard PCS employment application. Whichever teacher a student has, a learning skills tutor in Palm Harbor can help them to do their very best in school.

Those applicants that are eligible to teach in the PCS district will each be sent a confirmation invitation, which they will need to enter the job fair. More information about the event, the application process and the required documentation for the applicants can be found on the PCS website.

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