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Plano students among the best in the state

Students taking part in classes at the Plano Independent School District’s Career and Technical Education work hard every day, and at least 166 of them have participated in competitions and been recognized for their success.

The young men and women have been taking part in different events related to their current academic program at both the local and state level. These included ones in an assortment of areas, including the fields of business, marketing, fashion design and textiles, culinary skills, graphic design, agriculture, healthcare, and automotive repair, as well as several for those in the video and auto tech fields.

The competitions took place throughout the late winter and early spring, and there will be more to come. They give the participants a chance to showcase their skills and talents, and see a practical application for the concepts they have been learning. They can even translate to being accepted into the college or university of their choice in the future, and can be a positive addition to items like scholarship and job applications. A service that supplies high school tutoring in Plano will be able to provide additional academic support and assistance to any of its pupils who require it to achieve their best.

According to the district, all of the students who participate in an academic or sporting competition have its full support, and it wishes to extend its congratulations to them for their success. Additional details about the events and the pupils’ efforts can be found on the district’s website.

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