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Scholarship Fair organizer offers college funding tutoring

An advocate of college funding is hosting a scholarship fair in Chesapeake to teach others how to obtain the funding they need.

Lorraine SantaLucia found her calling after collecting $65,000 in free funding for college and graduating free from college loans. Now, she is making a career out of assisting others in doing the same.

SantaLucia, 23, is a Virginia Beach native who graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a mass communications degree and a post-baccalaureate in nonprofit management. While still in college, she formed Scholarship Sharing, a nonprofit organization.

SantaLucia says she hopes to save others the doubt and indecision that weighed heavily on her mind and caused continual stress as she searched for scholarships and grants and felt her way through the application process.

With the rising price of college, students and their parents need the skills taught by Scholarship Sharing now more than ever. Over 70% of college graduates enter the workforce with outstanding loans, and the average student loan is $35,000. As parents seek SAT tutoring for Chesapeake students, they often have to wonder how they will pay for college even if their children are accepted.

A dozen Virginia universities, as well as more than five dozen nonprofits, will be on hand at the Scholarship Sharing scholarship fair to talk with candidates and hand out applications. Registration for the event, which takes place at Tidewater Community College student center in Chesapeake, can be completed online.

The fair takes place this weekend, September 26 and 27, from noon to 5:00 pm.

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