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School options may increase in Wake County for 2016

Parents in Raleigh and other parts of Wake County may soon have as many as four new charter schools for their children to attend, if the State Board of Education gives its approval.

A recommendation has been given by The North Carolina Schools Advisory Board for 17 new charter schools to open in the state. Of those institutions, four will be in Wake County: Pine Springs Preparatory Academy, Cardinal Charter Academy of Knightdale, Peak Charter Academy, and Central Wake Charter High School. Each of Wake’s proposed charter schools are affiliated with a management company.

At present, the county has 19 charter schools. These institutions often prove popular with parents for a variety of reasons, including the fact that they enjoy more autonomy than traditional public schools. However, any institution receiving public funds will still be subject to Common Core standards in Raleigh.

Until and unless the state of North Carolina rescinds is approval of the standards, only homeschooled children or those attending private school are exempt.

Regardless of what action the State Board of Education takes in June, Raleigh will see the opening of at least one new charter in August, as the PAVE Southeast Raleigh Academy has already received approval. However, the city may also lose one of its established charter schools, as possible revocation is looming for Dynamic Community Charter School.

The recommendations from the North Carolina Schools Advisory Board will be discussed during May and voted on by the State School Board in June.

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