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Scott aims to impress with education record

Governor Rick Scott began a campaign tour on June 24th in Little Havana to remind his constituents of his political track record and inform them of his proposals regarding early childhood education.

The tour will be labeled ‘Caring for Florida Families’. Scott is set to address not only educational issues, but his proposals to bolster the state’s child protective services. This includes provisions for an additional 270 investigative personnel. The tour winds up on July 4th and includes stops in Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa and Fort Myers.

Among his proposals is an expansion of the personal learning accounts, which assist guardians caring for children with disabilities by providing up to $9,000 per child. There is also ‘Help Me Grow’, a new hot-line service for instant access to needed services. Moreover, the governor wants to increase funding for Florida’s Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) Education Program.

North Tampa Bay parents of young children and those with special needs are no doubt pleased to hear about the attention being focused on early childhood education, as well as increased assistance for parents of disabled children. Those with children in middle or high school in the North Tampa Bay area, however, have to wonder why there is not as much help coming for older kids.

Many parents are not waiting for assistance, but have taken matters into their own hands by engaging help such as SAT tutoring for North Tampa Bay students. Many enjoy being directly involved in their children’s education and will continue to do so until the students have achieved their high school diploma and started college.

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