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Should Students Learn Handwriting?

We swipe and type more often than we hold a pen or pencil, making handwriting skills seem obsolete. This is not so surprising, as most people have a keyboard in their pocket. But that doesn’t mean writing by hand is irrelevant! In fact, according to a recent article in The Atlantic, Gen Z shows a renewed interest in the art of handwriting.

Handwriting in History and Now

  • History: From pictographs and hieroglyphs to the modern alphabet we use today, handwriting plays a significant role in our cultural history, with important documents such as the Magna Carta and the Declaration of Independence written in cursive. Even today, some cultures value the art of cursive writing as a way to convey personality, emotion, and identity.
  • Benefits: Many educators value cursive skills. For one, it engages different parts of our brain than typing. When we write by hand, we have to think about the formation of each letter and the words we are writing, which requires more mental effort than typing. Research suggests that handwriting can help with memory retention and creativity.
  • Cultural Comeback: Among the younger generations, cursive is making a comeback: social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram offer up videos of users showing off their handwriting skills and young people demonstrating how handwriting can be a form of self-expression.

Cursive Writing: Essential Skill or Obsolete?

The rise of digital technology has made typing more critical than handwriting in various contexts, and many view handwriting skills as irrelevant. Some states no longer teach cursive, but others, like Texas in 2019, have added it back to the curriculum.

The debate over whether writing by hand is a lost art is an ongoing debate. While it may no longer be as essential as it once was, there is still value in developing one’s penmanship skills. Whether you’re a member of an older or a younger generation, taking the time to write by hand can be a meditative and rewarding experience.

While the importance of handwriting may have diminished in recent years, cursive remains an art form. Handwriting remains a vital aspect of our cultural heritage and can be valuable for personal and professional purposes. Whether you’re writing a letter to a loved one, jotting down notes for work, or simply practicing penmanship, handwriting is still very much alive.

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