Getting Ahead of the Classroom

Our academic enrichment programs will help your high achiever stay challenged, engaged, and interested. Successful learning is about remaining challenged and developing existing skills. At GradePower Learning, your child will tackle new ideas within our enriched curriculum at a pace that meets his or her needs — never too fast or too slow.

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Already ahead of the curve — why not stay there?

Because your child’s program is customized to meet his or her needs, your child is not limited to learning according the pre-determined grade requirements, allowing your child to learn above-grade concepts whenever he or she is ready.

With an enriched curriculum at GradePower Learning, your student will receive:

  • A custom assessment to develop a full understanding of where your child is excelling or needs improvement.
  • A learning program which will help your child develop skills needed to reach even higher goals.
  • The skills needed to take on the increased workload of upcoming grades and new academic demands.
  • Specialized support to help your child feel comfortable and confident with new material.
  • Ongoing discussions to establish new goals, desired achievements, and what has been accomplished so far.
  • Use of real life examples and applications to improve your child's understanding of advanced concepts.

Accessing your child's full potential

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